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Style & Fashion: Homecoming dress whilst

If you're looking for cute homecoming dresses, then look no further. From pretty frills to a lacy affair, here are my TOP 7 favourite dress picks... perfect for any occasion... or for just looking like an everyday princess, by Rosa Fairfield. 
The opaque effect of this dress from works so well with the dark blue detailing. It keeps the pretty vibe of the dress. I feel like I'm always talking about vibes but they're very important. I dunno, I've just always loved the nude colour with embellishments. I think it looks stylish. 

This one is just the height of pretty, the baby blue colour is so pleasing on the eyes and matches very well with the pink detailing. The flower detailing also just adds that extra something which makes it shine. Okay, so this one is also my favourite. Someone please invite me to a fancy occasion so I have an excuse to buy it. 

I feel like adding in some cheesy phrase here... like, the cat that got the cream... something like that. This one has the bling, which can be controversial but a bit of sparkle can be perfect for getting the party started. That's a song right? Something about getting a party started?

I like to think of this one as cute on the bottom and sophisticated on the top. You know, how people say a mullet is serious on the front, party in the back? That's what I was kinda going for there. You've even got a cute bow in the middle to add that little pretty something. I think this one would look particularly well if you have darker hair. 

This says 'I'm a princess'. Who wouldn't want to be a princess? (Okay, probably a lot of people... but). The longer length also makes it less revealing, so if you want something that looks good but is a little more modest, this one is for you. It's also got some embellishment to make it look classy. 

Bright Pink Dress
If you want to look like Barbie, then this one is for you. I think that's all that needs to be said really. I want everyone to know I'm not being condescending her, I actually do want to be Barbie.

This is such a beautiful dress. The shape of the body connecting to the straps is a little different, making a dress that would otherwise look very twee, modern and quirky. This one has to be my favourite, it has a great shape and a visually pleasing pattern. It isn't just a 'teen' dress either, you could wear this at any age. 

So, there you have it, seven different homecoming dresses uk that you could wear to homecoming... or really, another occasion that requires you to wear a cute dress. Feel free to comment bellow, if anyone can tell me what that songs was I was talking about, that would be great.