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Style and Fashion: 5 ways to style a pink dress from Dresslily

Looking for something new to wear that won't cost the bank... and looking for interesting ways to style it? Look no further, here's my guide to styling this cute Dresslily piece.

Photographs and words by Rosa Fairfield.

Layer over a slip or nightie
This top-looking thing is actually a nightie. I find nighties or slips are particularly good for layering with dresses, as they add style and texture to an outfit without making it bulky. Slips are particularly good, as they are normally silky or have lace detailing, which makes a look that extra bit visually interesting. 

Wear a wrap or button up dress over the top
I've done this in the other pictures. I've taken a wrap dress that completely unbuttons and tied it over the dress creating a new look. It gives a different finish than just using a shirt, as the tie section will be much larger, creating a fun chic effect. You could alternatively wear the dress open, as a jacket. This is particularly good in the warmer months, when you don't want to wear a jacket but need that extra something because it's a bit chilly. 

Fishnet tights
This is another great tip for adding texture or making a dress look a little lit less twee. When I try to pull this off, I always wear boots or my chunky shoes with buckles on to give the look a rock and roll vibe. If you want to add that extra cool edge, you could cut some holes in the fishnets. You can use a clear nail polish around the hole, to stop further fraying.

A long oversized bulky jacket
I find wearing a shorter jacket, with a dress, can sometimes cut the look at a weird angle and make the outfit look too bulky. Wearing a long jacket tends to look better. You could wear a trench coat if you wanted a more sophisticated look. Lately, I've been wearing oversized jackets, I find this creates a nice indie girl vibe. 

Play around with pattern and colour 
I quite like the black and pink together in this outfit. The great thing about having a dress in a block colour is that it gives you more of a free rein to play around with the look. Pink works well with lots of different colours, green and blue work well because they're contrasting to the pink. You can also try similar colours like purple and red, neutrals like black and white work well too. There's lots to play around with. 

I particularly love the skirt on this dress, the bold pleats give a striking effect and I think they look particularly good when accentuated with something tied around the waist, as it gives a stylish vintage vibe. The top, on my body shape, is a little bit too low cut. If you have a similar body shape, I'd recommend wearing something underneath. Alternatively, you could go braless, as the slit is quite low but then again the contrast of the dress with some white bra lace might look visually interesting.


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