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Style and fashion: 5 ways to style a romantic evening dress from Dresslily

Can we please just talk about how much I love this dress. It's just so floaty. I added it to the Dresslily Wishlist I wrote before and now it's in my life, I'm just so happy. I've listed some style tips bellow, if you also want this cutie in your life, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith.

Honestly, the dress is a little big for me. I had to safety pin it in the back... but then again, I struggle to get anything to fit my waist and top half so that's not really shocking news. What I plan to do, is to buy some clear or patterned bra straps, as there are hooks inside to attach them too. This will hold it up and give it a cute oversized look.

Styling Tips

Pink feet
I love the idea of going monochrome with different shades of pink. I kinda did this with my footwear by opting for socks with the clear boots. I've only got one pair of pink shoes and they wouldn't have really worked. I like the idea of using the socks though, it creates something a little different. Alternatively, you could wear pink pumps.

The hair clip 
The hair clip trend has been all over instagram lately. I wasn't going to go out and buy one of those pearl ones that are everywhere so I used this pink one from a kids clip set... from years ago. I think it's something fun to play around with. You could even create your own clips and customise them, by cutting out patterns and sticking or sewing them on.

Keep it simple
I think the dress speaks for itself really and you don't really have to do too much with it (apart from ironing out those tricky creases that I couldn't get rid of).

Messy up-do 
I've always been a fan of messy hair with dressy outfits. Sometimes, an outfit can come across a bit cheesy if you end up trying to do an elaborate up-do but it ends up looking very 00's. I think one of the best things to come from this decade is the trend of now brushing out curls with soft waves so they no longer look like those super static-fake-cemented-with-hairspray curls of the previous decade. I cringe looking at my hair on old photos.

Tie the mullet
The train or mullet effect of this dress gives you something to play around with. You could try tying it in different styles to create a new look. I think that's been one of my problems with the dress because I'm so short, it does get stuck in my shoes a little. You can get around that by tying it up in different ways.
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