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fashion and style: 5 step guide to choosing the right tights

Tights kinda have to be a staple in a person's closet, who loves skirts... and lives in a country with a fairly cool climate. They're not always the easiest to navigate though. I've had to spend so much money on tights, only to have them hole in a couple of minutes of wearing them. Here's my guide on finding the best pair for you. 

Photographs and words by Rosa Fairfield 

Are you clumsy?
I think this is the number one question you need to ask yourself when you're buying tights. If you are... then a super flimsy pair aren't going to work for you. Pick a higher denier, then they'll be less fragile. I usefully find that I only get one wear out of the lower denier ones.

How cold do you get?
If it gets cold where you live and you seem to always be shivering, then invest in some fleece lined tights. They're really good because they have a more sophisticated look than wool tights, but then you have that amazing fleecy layer on the inside that keeps you warm. I'm always cold. I was wearing a faux fur coat in 30 degree temperatures once and I was still cold. 

What colours do you normally wear?
A lot of people just tend to stick to black or skin coloured tights. I've never really got a pair to match my skin colour because I'm always so pale. It's sometimes nice to mix it up with a bit of colour... and the thing is, despite popular belief, black doesn't always go with everything. If you wear lighter colours then skin coloured or cream tights would be a good option to have. I tend to wear a lot of maroon and mustard on a daily basis. Therefore, most of my tights are actually in mustards, browns and maroons. They're great if you want to try colour blocking. 

What shoes do you wear?
Shoes and tights go hand in hand with each other. Certain tights look better with certain shoes. For example, boots tend to look better with a chunkier design, whereas court shoes etc tend to look better with something more delicate. You're also going to end up with blisters if your shoes are fairly tight and you put on a thick pair of tights. I've done that before. It's good to think about texture when it comes to shoes as well. It can create a fun visual effect if you mix up a furry shoe with a fishnet or a more textured woollen look.

This leads on from what I was saying about texture. I'd reccomend stocking up on clear patterned designs and fishnets. You can try layering them over a thicker pair of base tights, in a different colour. This creates a really cool effect, and a great way to mix things up a bit, if you're starting to get bored. 

Don't forget to consider size and length too... if that's an option. It sounds like a given but I have ended up buying tights that are too small or too long. 

These amazing tights photographed were gifted by Love Leggings
I recommend checking out their website.