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fashion & style: 5 types of shoe you must own

So, I've done this a bit differently. I didn't want to tell people the exact shoe style they should own because we all have different preferences. Like, some people love heels and others don't. Some people love sneakers and others don't. Someone said to me once, 'please, stop wearing those heels, they're so uncomfortable.' To that person, or some people, they may have been but for me I felt just as comfortable in them as I do trainers. Well, you get the point.

Photographs and words by Rosa Fairfield.

The comfort shoes
Yep, so, the obvious one. This is normally your go to daily basic. I normally choose a ballet flat. I have really narrow feet and have always found these the most comfortable to walk in. I also have these vintage boots, which are great for that too.

I've always been a bit fan of boots. I have so many pairs. My go-to ones are my block-heeled red ones. They look cool and add those extra (much needed) inches too my height. There are so many cool boots out there and they're great for those spring months, when you want to go bare legs but it's not 100% warm enough yet.

Summer shoes 
See the sandals pictured above. I tend to go for more of a dressy shoe like this. Flip flops are great but they do tend to rub my feet or I end up tripping over way too much. Plus, they're get for casual wear but you can also dress them up for an evening look. I think summer shoes are a great opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a fun colour or pattern that you wouldn't normally go for.

The classic shoe
You also kinda end up needed that super boring standard black shoe, mainly for work purposes. Especially, if you run out of money and end up having to pick up a part time job (this always seems to happen to me) they always seem to require one. Plus, the trouble with statement shoes is that they don't really go with everything. If you have something that looks nice but is very basic you have a go to item when you can't make any of your other shoes fit your look.

Which brings me to...

The statement shoe
A.KA my favourite type of shoe. You just have to have that one (or in my case many) completely crazy shoe that almost looks like a piece of artwork. The one that will get all the wows and likes on Instagram. The one that boosts your self-confidence by making you feel fabulous. Everyone needs that shoe.