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Singapore Selfies: The Most Instagrammable (And Interesting) Spots In The City

If there is one thing you can count on, it's that by visiting Singapore you can create some impressive visual content for your blog, or to show off on your Instagram account. In fact, within this single city, you will find science fiction style solar trees, ancient Hindu temples, exotic animals and one of the best skylines anywhere in the world! All you need to do is take a look at my guide to decide where to visit first! Oh, and don't forget your charger, as you’ll want to take plenty of pics and videos!

A fabulous skyline make Singapore one of the best cities in the world to take pictures.

Getting there

Before you can race around the city getting amazing shots for Insta you need to plan out how you will get from your house to Singapore, Malaysia. Now, I'm pretty sure you can handle the getting from your house to the airport bit, but it's the journey after that you need to know more about.

In fact, travelling from the UK to Singapore can be something of a lengthy affair with a non-stop flight clocking in at around 15 hours. What this means is it's well worth investing in the onboard wifi so you can update your social media and use that time for good. Oh and don't forget your travel pillow either as you want to get some kip before you arrive so you can hit the grounding running!

Base camp

Next, before you head out to experience all the wonders Singapore has to offer, you will need to get settled into your accommodation.

Of course, the type of accommodation that you choose to stay is in entirely up to you, and with such a wide range on offer, Singapore has something that will suit most people's' need and budgets.

In particular, if money is a concern finding a room for rent in Singapore can be the best value choice, as then you will have somewhere to plug in your devices and power banks, as you really don't want to end up at any of the sites listed below with a dead battery! Renting a room will also provide you with a place to rest at night, something that you will need if you have spent all day and evening tramping around the city trying to get the best shot!

Alternatively, you can always choose to push the boat out and stay in one of the many high-end hotels that are on offer in Singapore. The most popular of these being Marina Bay Sands which is host to that rooftop infinity pool with views out across the city that everyone seems to feature on the 'gram! After all, if you're staying there, it won't be too hard to get the perfect picture for your social media, although at over £200 a night, it may not be the best value for money option.

Gardens by the Bay

Once you have unpacked and got all of your spare equipment charging in your accommodation, it's time to set out and explore everything that this beautiful city has to offer. Of course, the selection mentioned here is by no means everything that Singapore has to offer, but it does include some of the most exciting and iconic sites that will allow you to get some high-quality photograph for your Insta.

The first of the sites that is well worth taking the time to visit is the world-famous Gardens by the Bay. These are the green areas that surround Marina Bay, and that host famous landmarks such as the cloud forest and the Supertrees. In particular, getting a picture of the Supertrees is recommended because they are such a well-known landmark of the city, they are also unlike anything else in the world, being covered with lights and solar panels, and lit up once the sun starts to go down.

Singapore Flyer

Also, remember that even if you can't justify a trip to the Marina Bay Sands hotel infinity pool, mentioned above, there is no need to despair because you can still get some fantastic shots of the city skyline by riding the Singapore flyer.

The flyer itself is a massive big wheel with many air-conditioned glass carriages that slowly rotate providing an excellent panoramic view of the city. In fact, the carriages are specially designed to ensure that your view is never blocked, no matter whereabouts on the rotation they are. This being something that obviously presents a fantastic opportunity not only for some great selfies, but also for some panoramas, and even videos to add to your social mean as well.

Merlion fountain

Another iconic landmark that will instantly show all of your follows that you are in Singapore is the Merlion fish foundation that is located out in the bay.

Visiting this is an opportunity not only to get a fantastic picture but also to take a boat ride out into the bay itself and experience this area of Singapore from the sea. This being something that can give you a unique perspective, and won't look half bad in your Insta pictures either! #Yachtlife.

Little India

If you are looking for a riot of colour for your photos, then Little India is the place to be. Located around the Serangoon Road, this is an area of Singapore that is fascinating not only because the amazing Hindu temples painted in a myriad of colours, but also because of the fantastic traditional Indian style restaurants that line the area as well.

In particular, the Ananda Bhavan Restaurant serves up some traditional south Indian cuisine based on a vegetarian diet. Then on Serangoon Road itself you will find the legendary Khansama Tandoori Restaurant complete with plastic tables and chairs outside. Don't let this put you off though because you can get some great photos of both diners and dishes in this establishment, and with a delicious lunch buffet for only a few dollars a person, it stands its ground concerning food as well as ambiance.

Singapore Zoo

One of the most significant advantages of when travelling to an exotic location such as Singapore is the vast variety of wildlife that you can see. Of course, the best place to experience this and get some amazing shots is at the Zoo located on Mandai Lake Rd.

In fact, this 64-acre location is part-zoo, part interactive experience and they have really gone out of there way not only to present the animals to the visitors but also provide them with opportunities to learn more about their habits and to interact with them as well.

In particular, the breakfast with orangutans is one of the most popular attractions, as it includes food, drink, and the opportunity to getting up close and personal with some of the world's most gentle and intelligent primates. Of course, it goes without saying that such an experience will provide one of the best opportunities for photographs that you can get, not just in SI but anywhere in the world.

China Town

Lastly, if you want to slay your Insta with images from this mesmerising city, then a trip to Chinatown is a must. In fact, the first location you should head to is the Tang-era style temple of the Buddha Tooth. A place that is not only imposing from the outside but is a riot of red and gold on the inside as well, making it the perfect place for some smart Singapore selfies. Images that will not only fascinate your followers but will serve as reminders of the trip of a lifetime to this magnificent and vibrant city as well.