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Made For A Mommy Careers

For some of you moms, the ones who are rushing around picking up toys, cleaning up sick, making food, making more food, and trying not to cry through it all, the thought of work is something that will make you want to cry some more. But there comes a time where your little ones grow up just that little bit more, perhaps they’re now in school and you know that you’re going to have more free time, that we really think you should think about going back to work. It’s such a good distraction from some of those feelings you have, and the isolation that you might feel is surrounding you. We know that starting a new job is scary, and we know that breaking out of the routine that you’re in is going to be hard to come to terms with. But, we think these careers are literally made for moms, and you can take all of the time in the world to get into them. Plus, there’s always that part time option for you!

Childhood Education

So you might be wondering why we think you would ever want to go into a role where you’re working with children, when you spend all day working with them, and you probably want to claw your eyes out. But actually working with children is a whole different ball game, and it can be so good for you to do something different like this. Plus, education is key to children's future, and you could be the one on the front line promoting that! Do you want to know what makes it better? You can take a early childhood education masters online which would follow on from a normal early childhood education degree you could obtain online.It’s exactly like going back into education, except you don’t have to leave your home, making it so much easier to work around having children!

Baking Or Cooking

We’re not trying to stereotype moms here, but we think that one skill you learn pretty quickly is baking or cooking. When you don’t have so many hands clawing at the food you’re trying to make, you might even find it super interesting to do. Plus, this is something you could easily work around the kids as well. You could go part time and work in a bakery, or you could do something from home and setup your own little home business. Just something so small could blow up into something so big if you get good enough at it, and word spreads quick.

Health Care Assistant 

A final one that might appeal to some of you, a super caring role that will definitely suit most of you! It’s the role of taking care of those who are sick, either in the community, hospital, or in a care home. The connection you get to make with the people you’re caring for is so great, and you’ll actually feel like you’re giving something worthwhile back! It might not be as well paid as the others, but it is the most rewarding.

* written by a contributor