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Season 2 Trailer for Oh Ducky Sketch Show by Rosa Fairfield | Sketch Comedy

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⬆️⬆️ Please subscribe ⬆️⬆️ Oh Ducky Sketch Show is a sketch comedy channel, with lots of crazy sketch comedy characters, created by Rosa Fairfield (that's me). This is my season 2 intro. To be honest it's more of me being a stressed out bunny and venting about life and my awful day. Tune into this sketch comedy web series every Friday for sketch comedy skits. 

So yeah, season 2 is on its way. I'm really excited about this one because I've been working hard to try and improve. YouTube is kinda hard when you're first starting out... or is that just me? Every time I get a new follower, I seem to lose one and yeah that's kinda of frustrating. I mean, I don't want to force anyone into subscribing to me but at the same time, I put a lot of effort into these videos and it means the world to me when people engage. 

I don't just make videos for the sake of making them. I make them because I hope they bring some enjoyment to some people. Anyway, enough of me complaining. 

What can you expect from Season 2?

Well, I've edited together a couple of the videos so I can give you a few hints. There will be lots of stuff about dating (because, apparently I'm obsessed with dating). A lot of these ones are kinda fluffy and lighthearted compared to season 1. I just wanted to go for upbeat and fun things. Season 1 was a bit intense and kinda emotionally draining for me.

Also, I do wanna create some more LGBT sketches. There are a few in this season, but I really want to create a few extra ones next season. They're some of my favorite ones to write. There will be a few FanFaction sketches this season from my favorite FanFiction couples. There's a Holtzbert, Ghostbusters one. There will be an X-Files sketch and a Hayffie, Hunger Games one too. I'm basically a huge fangirl so yeah. 

I don't really know what else to say. I feel like all I do these days is tell people to watch and subscribe. Okay, it's less like telling people and more like begging them really. Yes, I'm kinda desperate. I'm that annoying person that would go around begging people to like me, if that was socially acceptable.