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Style & Blogger: Am I Sharing Enough Online?

I feel like there's been a million and one posts lately with people discussing if they're sharing too much online. I kinda worry in reverse to that, you could search through my social medias and you'd hardly find anything personal. I guess it concerns me that people might think I'm not authentic because I'm not sharing my daily life or I worry that the folks out there can't relate to me. What is the right amount to share online and how do with know this, though? Words by Rosa Fairfield, photographs by Linda Smith


Content creation vs documenting
There's the whole argument about authenticity on Instagram etc etc at the moment and people comparing themselves to others. Often though, people are comparing themselves to photoshoots not someone's actual life.

Social media kinda is in a confusing place, there's content creators and people documenting their lives and I think people get confused between the two. I'm a content creator, I'm coming at this from an acting, performing, filmmaking background so I never really had any interest in documenting my life. I did that when I was 18 and it just made me feel miserable. I think we just need to be aware of the difference between the two.

What to share - different people like different things?
Before we even get to the how much we should share, we need to know what we should share. Do you share trivial little bits of info about yourself or the deep stuff? I honestly like a little of both. I love to know quirky little details about people. When I'm going through a certain issue, I also find comfort reading about someone else's experience with it, it makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone.

But, just because a person's mind works in one way, doesn't mean everyone else's does. I think people often make the mistake of thinking, I'd want to read someone's experience of this so other people will too.

Will it help someone?
I think this is a good measure to use, when deciding to post something. On the other hand, sometimes you have something you feel you need to say, and if there's no one in real life you can say it too, I think getting it off your chest like that can be helpful. It's okay to do things for you sometimes.

Positive open people are more well-liked??
I was just reading this post about this. It said something like: people that share their lives but in a positive way are more likable... or something along those lines. I mean on the other hand, I think sometimes sharing the negative too, isn't all that bad. People aren't naturally positive all the time so I think it adds in a relatable element.

Being aware of other people's privacy
Sometimes, you can just want to share a story about someone or share a photograph on social media of someone else. It's important though to check in with that person first because they might not want their face online.

Checking what's out there
Doing a quick google search or going through old posts is definitely an important task. I've had people starting chatting and being like, 'I googled you and saw this,' and it's been something I didn't want them to see. Although, don't take removing stuff to a paranoid extreme.

All in all, I think if you want to sharing a lot about yourself or nothing at all, it's a very personal choice and I don't think there really should be a measure. I don't think anyone should feel pressured into doing or not doing something online. Also, you'll never please everyone because everyone's different, if you're looking for a women maxi dress then have a look using the link.