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Styling Tips & Fashion: 5 Ways to Wear a Dress in Different Levels of Casual

Okay, are levels of casual a thing or did I just completely make this up? Who knows, but here's my guide to wearing a dress in varying levels of causal, by Rosa Fairfield, photos by Linda Smith.

Okay, so you caught me. This outfit doesn't look super-casual. It's more of a casual, almost smart-casual. Then again, nothing I really wear seems to end up looking causal-casual. Have I said causal so many times that the word is starting to sound strange? Maybe, I'll just say it one more time to make sure. Casual. Anyway, so I'm going to discuss how to make a dress look casual, from super-casual to smart-casual. 


Okay, so if you're looking for a super slouchy everyday look, then layers are important. I'd pick a slip dress or something that's kinda floaty. Okay, let's take this dress in the photographs. I'd put a sweatshirt on over the top. Next, I'd throw on a long jacket and some sneakers. Also, I wouldn't wear any accessories and I'd go for tousled hair.

To make it look slightly less casual, I'd take off the coat. Then, I'd tie the sweatshirt at the front to give it some shape. I'd also change-out the sneakers for a pair of boots, like the ones in the picture. Alternatively, I'd go for a ballet shoe.

If I was just going for a very standard casual look, with a slight twist, I'd style it like in the photograph above. Everything about the outfit is fairly casual. What adds the glam touch is the earrings and jewelry. Also, the slicked back hair adds to the effect.

If I was going for smart-casual, I'd put the long jacket back on - I'm imagining a camel coat for some reason. I'd stick with a pair of earrings. I'd also add in some stiletto heels. The whole effect would still be casual but it adds more of a chic sophisticated twist. At least I think it does.

I'd stick with everything in the last look. This time though, I'd add in a belt around the waist, to give the look some more shape. Alternatively, I would wear a shirt over the dress and tie it at my waist. I'd probably also add in some statement jewelry. Probably a fun necklace with lots of pearls on it or something. The dress by design has a casual vibe to it, but by adding in the extras, it makes it look a little more formal.

You know what, I was really just improvising with this post but I really like this idea so I might make a video of me doing all the different looks. What's your favorite style of causal?


I do really love this dress, it has a really cool shape and I love the cute button detail. Also, the pattern is just so cool, I'm like so obsessed with sunflowers. The pockets are also a bonus. I don't know about you but I love somewhere to keep stuff and a place to hide my hands. Plus, I wanted to mention the fabric, which I love. It's so soft and has a really nice thickness to it.