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Style & Fashion: My Top 5 Fav Festival Fashion Trends

Here's some boho festival inspiration, if you're looking for that kinda thing, words by Rosa Fairfield and photos by Linda Smith

I was super excited to write this post because boho festival vibes are my favorite kind of vibes. Also, I've never actually been to a festival but I think it's cool to incorporate festival style into your day-to-day wear. I mean you don't have to go the full-out shebang but you could try adding a subtle hint into your closet. I've never been very good at subtle... anyway, here are my favorite festival trends:


Okay, so maybe I'm cheating a little bit with this one because I'm showing-off my new Boho Betty Stack in the pictures above (which I love, btw). That aside, I've always loved fun bracelets. My favorites are the adjustable string ones (I have super small wrists so I can actually get them to fit) with a cute little charm on. I purchased my first one a few years back and it had an eye on it.

Hair Glitter
I'm obsessed with glitter, like a-friend-once-got-me-glitter-for-christmas-obsessed. You can buy the special stuff but I just tend to use normal art glitter. You can secure it with hair gel. I once went to university with glitter hair, I'm pretty sure everyone at uni thought I was crazy. It's good to just slick to the roots. Also use a glitter that has larger particles and that's a contrasting color to your hair so it will show up.

Braids & Colors
I love a good braid, you can do so many fun things with them. My favorite is when people use the wash-in-and-wash-out colors on them. It ramps up the funk from a prim and proper look. I really don't know if that sentence made any sense. Can someone take me to a festival please?

My favorite braided style is when the hair is down, wavy and has small loose braids scattered around or just one. Also, whenever I'm doing a braid I like to pull it outwards so it looks thicker and slightly messy.

Western Vibes
It's still my dream to become a cowboy. I spent most of my time in NC buying everything up because everything had a western vibe. Western boots are my favorite, with cute little tassels or more of a cowboy shape. Basically to rock western, you just need to wear lots of tassels and earthy tones and you're already half way there.

Fluffy Shoes
There's been like a lot of these around recently and I love them. I love anything fluffy... like kittens and bunny rabbits. Nope, I went off-track again. I own a pair of fluffy mules and fluffy boots. They're super cute and great for adding a little bit of texture to an outfit. They're also not so crazy that you'd get egged walking down the street... unless you're wearing ones that are real fur... don't do that.

So to summerise, festival style is good... or something like that.