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Self-Help: How To be an Adult?

Is it possible for us all to turn back time, to redefine what begging an adult means, words by Rosa Fairfield, photos by Linda Smith.

I was watching Nasty Baby (2015) last night and it got me thinking about what it means to be an adult. I feel like everyone on Instagram is always making comments about how they thought they'd have their lives together now that they're adults. Maybe it's okay though to be a adult who's riding around on a scooter, taking guitar lessons and trying to have a baby with her two best friends. Even though that isn't the norm. In fact, that sounds pretty cool to me (maybe not the scooter part, I'm the girl who fell off a tricycle... so yeah.) 


Age Stereotypes 
Someone was discussing this on a YouTube video I saw recently. The notion that there's a pressure on you to do certain things by a certain age. Like, why aren't you married yet? Or, why don't you have kids yet? I think there's also the thing where you're expected to behave a certain way at a certain age. Which, leads me to:

Maybe you'll grow out of it
Someone said to me once:

"Don't worry, maybe you'll grow out of your quirkiness."

You know what, I really hope I don't grow out of my quirkiness because that's who I am. I really hope that when I'm 40, I'm still a slightly silly complete weirdo. I mean hopefully by that point I'll have my own house covered in cacti and fairy lights, and own a vintage car (yeah, I'm a bit of an indie girl). I also hope that I'm still working on lots of different creative projects.

My point is though, nobody should feel the need to drastically change their personality because they're an adult now. In fact, I think that's slightly creepy, like a person playing a character in real life.

Do you really need everything together?
I mean does it really matter if you still have a laundry chair or you go to bed without doing the dishes? Is that pile of laundry really going to leap off the chair and attack you because you haven't got a proper place to put it? I think sometimes people get caught-up spending too much time overly concentrating on things that don't matter, and then complaining about said things, instead of actually enjoying life. Although, you should probably wash those dishes before mold appears on them, because... health hazard!

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (2016)
A. K. A what reading Holtzbert FanFiction has taught me. But, you could go from working at Columbia one minute, to being fired and chasing after ghosts the next. Again, there is kind of a point to this... or maybe I just wanna go read more FanFiction.

Nope, I've lost the plot. You never really had the plot, Rosa.

Anyway, the universe has a weird way of throwing things at you, and I think true adult-ing is taking that in your stride and making the most out of life, even if you aren't always following the normal route. Holtzmann is one of my all time favorite characters because she has a goofy childlike quality, but is an awesome scientist at the same time.

You do you
But I'm not saying that we should all run around acting like children. I'm saying that we should all embrace who we are and how we want to live our lives. If you want to act like a stereotypical adult because that's who you are, then that's cool too. As long as everyone's as happy as they can be at any given time.