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Style Tips 101: How to Style a Shirt Dress

Are you after some styling tips with a healthy side of crazy ramblings from a 20-someting that has no idea what she is doing with her life? Well then, you have come to the right place.

Photographs by Linda Smith

The shirt dress. a.k.a the item of clothing that is constantly having an identify crisis - that's why I like them ;)

Okay, that sounded completely strange but hear me out. The shirt dress is kinda usually worn to create polar opposite effects 'vibes' - whatever cheesy word you want to use there.

Modern vs Vintage
When I think of shirt dress my mind pictures beautiful woman from the 1950s wearing loose fitting but shaped dresses that drop bellow their knee. I actually own a vintage shirt dress. I had another one that I brought in a vintage shop in Raleigh, NC. It was way too small for me though and that was when I was underweight. Anyway, see, when I also think of shirt dresses I think of the modern ones. Last year everyone seemed to go crazy for the blue and white stripped ones. I also own one of those and this one in the picture above I would class as modern. I mean although they are kinda the same thing, they're very different styles at the same time.

Glam vs Casual
Most people either wear a shirt dress in a super glam way or a super casual way. I mean, I guess you could say that about most items of clothing but for some reason that seems even more prominent for the shirt dress. Well-fitted ones can look like the height of sophisticated elegance with heels, sunglasses and expensive jewellery. Then again you also see a lot of people rocking them with a loose -fitting Cali girl vibe.

Flats vs Heels
More so than with anything else, heels and flats are extremely inchangable with this little number. You can causally throw on a pair of sneakers with a shirt dress and no one would even raise the slightest eyebrow but at the same time, you can wear your heels and it would work all the same.

One piece... so many options - she says whilst fondly gazing at pictures of shirt dresses on Pinterest.

Okay, so let's talk about this orange cute-y in the pictures above (yes, I'm talking about the dress, I haven't had a fake tan accident).

Summer Dresses are so pretty and I do really love the colour of this one. You often don't find pieces this colour. It's also a great piece becuase it's so loose and floaty but you can add structure with the belt. That and the satin effect material makes it comfortable to wear. Also, I want to mention these cute wedge High Heels. I love wedges, mainly because they're easier to walk in than stilettos. I was a bit worried that the thin straps on them wouldn't be strong enough to support my foot but actually it's perfectly fine and I love the flower detail giving it an extra bit of va-va-voom.

Anyway, thank-you for listen to my slightly deranged ramblings. What are your thoughts on the shirt dress? Please leave a comment bellow, I enjoy reading them because I have no real life friends (just kidding, I know people).