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Style & Fashion: What To Do When You Order The Wrong Size

Have you ever ordered the wrong size but haven't wanted the fuss of returned the item? Well, here are some tips on how you can make the item work anyway, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

First up, my approach to shopping is:

'I really love that dress'

'Oh no, they haven't got my size'

'Oh well, I'll just buy it in a size 20 and I'll make it work'

This is no joke, I've actually done this more than once. I've never been a fan of returning items either. I dunno, I kinda like the styling challenge, it keeps my brain stimulated or something. Anyway, I ordered this jumpsuit in the wrong size. It was completely my fault. Jumpsuits are sometimes too small on my legs so I freaked out and ordered it a couple of sizes bigger to be safe. Yeah, it ended up being way to big. Not to panic, I made it work. Here's what I did:

Shirt underneath
The top is meant to wrap around but because it was big the fabric wouldn't stay in place. To solve this problem, I simply put on a tank top underneath. I went for a tank because it stops the outfit from being too bulky. I then made sure it hung loosely with a gap in the middle to create a slouchy effect.

Tights belt
Yes, you heard me right. This has to be one of the strangest things I've done. Anyway, I made sure all the excess material from the top hung over my waist. Next I took a pair of old tights, put them around my waist and secured them with a knot. I adjusted my tights belt to make sure it covered all the excess fabric. I did this instead of wearing a normal belt because the stretchy nature of the fabric allows to shape the jumpsuit whilst completely covering the overhanging fabric.

Statement necklace
I went for a chunky statement necklace, well... okay, mainly for the fact that the shape of the clothing and my short hair meant that my neck area looked a little bare. Also though, I do think wearing a statement necklace kinda distracts from the fact that the outfit is a little bit big.

When something is on the loose fitting size, I like to wear heels. It's mainly so my legs look a little leaner so the outfit doesn't come across as frumpy. So basically, with a causal slouchy outfit, I'd recommend doing something, somewhere on your body, to give the outfit a little bit of structure.

Seriously though, this jumpsuit is one of my favourite things. I've always been so self-conscious of my legs and I think they actually look okay in this jumpsuit. The cut of the bottom of the shorts makes the legs looks longer. Also, the floaty nature of the shorts makes it really comfortable with a larger hip.

My favourite part though has to be the print. I really like roses and the red and the blue perfectly compliment each other. It's a bold colour scheme but it's off-set with the white to create a subtler effect. I also think it kinda works with my pastel hair. I think it would also look nice with dark hair and a bold red lip.

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