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Make-up & Style: How to Create a Rainbow Eyeshadow Look

With Pride month happening, why not try out a rainbow eye make-up look? By Rosa Fairfield.

Photos also by Rosa Fairfield (having fun with self-portraits)

If you follow me on Instagram (@ohduckydarling) you will know that I've been having a little bit of fun, experimenting with different make-up looks. The whole reason I blog is because I like to create and try to think outside the box. By no means am I a make-up expert but I wanted to have a go at experimenting with a few things. Anyway, I thought I'd talk you through this one because I like it and it's Pride month so yeah.

I currently use a BB cream. I like something that gives me a little bit of coverage without being too thick and then I'll use concealer to go over different sections. I've always tended to go for liquid foundations and I always use drug store makeup. Let's be serious, I haven't got the money for anything else.

The eyes are the main attraction of this look. I used a thin brush and I wet it before I used it. I dabbed off any excess water so it was only slightly damp. It makes the colour spread easier and it looked brighter. I went through applying each rainbow colour in a small stripe to the lid and then underneath. When I got to the last colour, I curved it around the shape of my eye. Also, I washed the brush in-between each colour. It's a really easy effect to achieve.

Everything else
The eyes are the statement of this look so I wanted to keep everything else really simple in order to make them standout. I just put a layer of gloss on my lips and added in a subtle brush of pink to my eyebrows. There is also a little bit of bronzer on my check bones.

Anyway, that is that. I mean by no means is this make-up look perfect. I've always been a little slap-dash (as my parents would say) when it comes to make-up. Then again I don't really like the idea of my face looking absolutely perfect. I think that's a little bit unnerving. People have told me I look like a doll so I kinda like to make my make-up look a little bit flawed to kinda detract from that.

Should we hide our flaws?
Whilst I'm thinking about this, I just wanted to add this discussion in as a little bit of a side note. I've always loved seeing pictures of models with freckles or with lots of beauty spots etc. I don't really like the concept of feeling pressured to have 'perfect' skin. I think we should all celebrated our uniqueness and I think it makes people visually interesting. I say visually interesting because I don't really like the word 'beautiful'. I think then it starts to mean an expectation society has of us, if that's inside or outside. Yeah... so I like interesting people inside or outside.

Thanks for reading, if you have a comment, I would love to hear it bellow.