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Blogging & Style: How to Find a Balance Between your Public and Private Life

When we think of privacy we tend to conjure up images of celebrities hiding from the paparazzi but it's a topic that in today's society effects each and every one of us. There's a pressure for us to be always sharing snippets of our life on social media, even if it's just with friends and family and not with millions of followers. So, I thought I'd share a few of my tips on how to find a good balance between sharing and oversharing:

Set-up some boundaries
I mean, this is just my opinion but I don't think it's healthy for a person to live their whole life completely publicly and that's not about trying to hide something... more about protecting your own sanity.

On the other hand it's very difficult, especially if you are a millennial, to live a completely social media free life. Trust me, I tried this... but it was pretty much a requirement for me to pass my university course.

Therefore, you have to work out the things you will and won't put out there. For me, I know I'll never vlog my daily life but I will make comedy sketches. Everyone's different and you have to think about what your own personal boundaries are.

Have some things that are just for you
You know in the last point when I talked about keeping your sanity, well this is what I meant. It's nice to have some little special things that are just personal to you.

It could be simple, like a movie night or a hobby. I mean, I've blogged for the last two years and at times it can be a bit disheartening when you think to yourself, 'well, is blogging my whole identity'. It's nice to have those little other things away from it, that remind you that you aren't just a bunch of Instagram pictures.

Plus, as much as people say that being super honest and open with your followers is important. Well, I think it's also important to have a slight area of mystery about you. It keeps people guessing and makes them intrigued.

Would I say or do this to/in front of my parents.
It's so easy to start oversharing online or to share things that could be considered controversial. People say don't put anything up that you wouldn't want your parents to see. I think a good measure is don't post it if you wouldn't do or say that to someone you care about in real life... because it's so easy to type something out online, it's another thing to actually say/do it.

Know what your comfortable with
In a moment of bravery or a spontaneous moment of needing to say something, you might type something out. Then a few weeks later you might start to feel paranoid about it. That's not to say you should never share anything personal, it's to say you should think through what you say and how to word it.

Mental Wellbeing
This is a topic a really want to talk about... because I see a lot of people writing posts about mental health... which is great but I think it's something that we all need to be very cautious about.

For some people it can be cathartic to share their experiences with this but for other people it can be dangerous. This is all about knowing yourself.

For example, if you share a detailed account of your struggles but then end up triggering something or re-reading it a lot and obsessing over it, well that's not great for your mental wellbeing.

It can also be a very tigger-y topic and we need to try and be as careful as possible when posting things incase it has a negative impact on anyone else's health. Again, I'm not saying people shouldn't post things related to this, I'm just saying we should all be careful to really think it through before we write something down.

So yep, that's that. If you have any thoughts, I would love to here them bellow.