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Styling Tips 101: 5 Fashion Cheats for Styling a Jumpsuit

You know, just a few photos of me wearing a jumpsuit with a few of my styling tips bellow, for your amusement, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by David Smith

I don't really like giving 'direct' styling tips. I tend to stay away from videos and posts that feature words like: '5 styling mistakes that are making you ugly'. That just isn't what I believe in, if you do, that's great, each to their own, no judgement here. My approach to personal style is more: try out different creative things and if it doesn't work, oh well... back to the drawing board. So, here are a few things I've tried out... but by no means am I saying these are the right or wrong way to do things:

The tee
To be honest, wearing it with this t-shirt wasn't really anything to do with style. It was more for practical purposes, considering the top was a little baggy and I didn't want to flash everyone that I came into contact with. I think this style of top actually hangs better slightly baggy. This is just an idea if you want to protect your modesty... like me apparently.

This was just something slightly silly I tried... but, you can wear this back-to-front to create a slightly different style. You get some interesting back detail and it covers more of the front section... if you're more comfortable with exposing your back... than your front... but there are no lady areas there. It also looks pretty cool too.

The hair-tie trick
I always think it's smart to stock up on hair ties, they're a great alternative to safety pins and don't ruin your clothing. I'm short... or petite to use a nicer sounding word... so the leg length was a little long for my liking. To fix that, I rolled the leg up, wrapped the extra length in a hair tie and tucked the hair tie under. It also creates and interesting puff-ball effect too, if you want to try something different.

The straps
If you're petite like me, chances are, especially with jumpsuits, it won't hand 100% right because they make them for average height gals. Normally, if a top hangs loose, it's because the straps are too long. This can be easily fixed with a sewing kit.

Heels or flats?
This is much more my personal preference than anything else. For wide leg long bottoms, I prefer to wear flat open shoes. I feel anything else makes it look a little too bulky for my personal liking and heels make me feel a little too formal. Whereas, if it's cut-off just bellow my knee, I'll normal wear heels to give the impression of longer, leaner legs.

If you're insecure about your legs, like I am, I find it's more comfortable to find a high-waisted jumpsuit like this and you can also try to find something with flared baggy pants. Alternatively, you can throw caution to the wind and show off your legs for all their beautiful glory. Every body shape is beautiful and we shouldn't have to feel like we have to cover anything up.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your styling tips by posting a comment bellow :)