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Oh Ducky Sketch Show: Coming Out Funny Video

You can watch my latest comedy sketch bellow, I would love you forever!

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I think I've gone a little crazy trying to promote blog posts and YouTube videos. Like, I refresh my YouTube page every 10 minutes to see if my subscriber number has changed. So you know, please subscribe and watch to give me some piece of mind.

Oh Ducky Sketch Show presents this comedy sketch about a brother and sister (played by Rosa Fairfield and Marcus Carroll). The sister is trying to hide the fact that is gay from her brother, A.K.A let the comedy begin. This is a prequel to Bad Date Girl.

 Oh Ducky Sketch Show is a comedy show that presents new comedy scenes every week on a Friday (I moved the day from Tuesday) so if you are looking for comedy videos, this is the place to be. If funny videos and wacky comedy sketch characters are your thing then subscribe to this sketch comedy webseries.