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Self Help: 5 Mental Wellbeing Self-Care Tips

So, yeah, I kinda wanted to make a post about mental wellbeing... or mental self-care? You know what, I'm not really sure what the right word to use really is. Also, I'm probably the last person on this planet people should be taking "mental wellbeing" advice from considering I literally screamed at someone the other day for mentioning the word teeth... and I have a tendency to cry on buses. I'm really selling the post to you aren't I? Let's just get this show on the road...

Photographs by Linda Smith

Focus on task-related-activites
Maybe this is just me, but if I'm going through a rough patch, I find it's really helpful to just disengage my mind, make a list and work through a series of tasks. I like to draw. You could try simple tasks... like using a vacuum cleaner can be good. That was so random. I think everyone's a little different though and for some people the complete opposite, like taking a break and doing nothing, can be good.

- You know what, I was planning to write this post a few weeks ago and I had a million ideas but now my mind is completely blank, ugh, let me think...

Avoidance is healthy!
No... that probably wasn't a healthy thought. Okay, so no it probably really isn't healthy. I do think it's a bit of a balance though. I mean there are necessary and un-necessary situations. There's no point in forcing yourself into some un-necessary situation, if you or no one else is going to get anything out of it and it only serves to make you uncomfortable.

Don't make everything a psychological issue
Oh my goodness, ugh, I can't breath... and I'm crying. Why am I crying? Oh no, I need to go online and research every mental illness out there because there has to be something wrong with me! Everyone thinks I'm not right in the head! Oh no, everything is wrong with me, I have every mental illness in existence!!!!! This is the end of the world!!!!!

Yeah... that's really not a healthy thought pattern...

Five things you can hear, see, smell, feel etc etc... some comforting self-reassurance... pull yourself into a bear hug... whatever floats your boat.

Rational vs Irrational - Other people's feelings vs My own feelings
Oh my goodness, I'm arguing with my boyfriend. Oh no he's upset, it hurts me so much that he's upset! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll do absolutely anything to make this better. Let's just forget the issue I was trying to raise. I upset him and his feelings are the only thing that matter!!!!!

*Starts hugging him and apologising*

*Boyfriend pulls away looking confused - 'but, you were angry with me five seconds ago, I just don't get you'*

Everyone else's feelings are more important, my feelings don't matter as long as everyone else is happy. That's right isn't it? Does that make me a good person or a bad person? Is there any such thing as bad or good?

Okay, so I don't know about you but now my head hurts. I feel like we went on an emotional rollercoaster there, which brings us to the final stop...

Ice-cream, Blankets and Snuggles Town
See, when you've gone through all that weird process of trying to work out the meaning of life, it's time to accept that life is a grey area with a bunch of people that all think in vastly different ways trying to co-exsit. You can't control or understand everything and it's best to just go with the flow. So, get out the Ben & Jerry's, curl up in a blanket burrito and snuggle close to your favourite teddy bear. Or you know, choose an activity, food etc that makes you feel safe and comforted.

Oh look at that! This whole post kind of turned into a metaphor. I really wasn't planning on that when I started writing.

(BTW, I don't have a boyfriend... okay, I did at one point but that was a very long time ago)