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Style & Life: 10 Affirmations to Live By

Looking for some motivation? Well, hear are some affirmations to get you thinking, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photos by me, also

Here are some thoughts that I like to live my life by and remind myself of when I'm in a tricky situation. I hope you find them useful too and if I write enough of these self-help style posts, then one day I might actually start listening to my own advice.

It's okay to be struggling
Don't feel the need to force yourself to be happy or pretend that everything is rosy when it isn't. We all have our own struggles, it's just part of life and we shouldn't have to gloss over that because we're scared of people's judgements. Wear your scares with pride and don't let anyone make you think differently.

It's okay to care about your appearance
Just like it's okay not to care about your appearance. Everyone is different and different things matter to different people and that's okay.

It's okay to feel insecure every now and again
Everyone has their own insecurities and that's okay, it's normal and it's natural. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

It's okay to feel whatever I'm feeling
We never just live in one emotional state, feeling a range of emotions is what makes us human. That should be embraced, there's no such thing as finding an eternal happiness. Sure, we can have happy moments but nothing is ever 100% one thing.

It's okay that I haven't achieved my goals yet
We are all working at our own pace and the whole reason we are on this earth is to achieve or do something or another. If we did that on the first chapter what would we write about in the rest of the book?

It's okay to make mistakes
As cheesy as it sounds, making mistakes is how we learn and no one is perfect and we shouldn't feel the need to force ourselves to be that. What is perfect anyway?

It's okay to be 100% myself
We are all unique and it's those differences that make us interesting. Life would be pretty boring if we just had a world of clones.

It's okay to be shy or confident
Either option or something in between is fine, there's no reason to change because that's just who you are.

It's okay to need my alone time
Sometimes we just need a bit of time to ourselves to recharge and gather our thoughts and that's okay.  It's not letting anyone down in any kind of way.

It's okay that someone has a different opinion to me
We are all allowed to form our own opinions and if someone has a different one to us, it doesn't make ours any less valid and it doesn't make the other person's either. What is right anyway?

Thanks for reading. Do you have any to add to my list? I would love to hear your thoughts so drop me a message in the comment section bellow.