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Fashion: Zaful Blue & Yellow Wishlist

Zaful is one of my favourtie places to shop online, here are the latest products I have been lusting. I'm rolling with the yellow and blue theme because I'm dreaming of warmer, sunny times.

Words by Rosa Fairfield.


Number One: This tee is such a cutie. I love the whole yellow and red colour scheme and the cute 'honey' slogan because it's like: is it referring to the food or the term of endearment? Probably the term of endearment but I like to imagine it's the food. 

Number Two: Loved this dress as soon as I laid eyes on it, it is so super cute. I'm really loving the bow detail too, which adds a kinda 'hey there, sailor' vibe. It also has a really nice shape to it because it goes in, in the middle, to accentuate the waist. 

Number Three: This is super cute too. Everything is super cute. Let's decorate the world with pink fluffy bunny rabbits. I love the ruffle detail on the hem of the shorts, looks cute and it adds a little bit more length, in case you're worried about what your legs look like. The top with the bow completes this two-piece. It would make a great beachwear alternative. 

Number Four: This piece immediately caught my eye and I'm not really 100% sure why. It's something that's very simple but has a nice structure to it. Plus, the two shades of blue compliment each other so well. I love the wrap around top which adds that little extra something to set the look off. Hey, I guess I do know why I like this piece after all. 

Number Five: We all know I love outer-space. Or do we? Well, I love outer-space. Such a cute simple crop top, I actually have this in blue. The design is so simple but cute and the shape is really nice. The crop top effect makes it much easier to tuck into jeans or shorts. 

Number Six: I love the contrast in colour, which really makes this pattern stand out. It is also very nicely aligned towards one side of the dress, which makes it more visually appealing. The shape is really nice too and this is the kind of piece that you could wear with or without a belt. 


This is a difficult one, I was torn between number 2 and number 4. Overall though, I'd probably go with number four because the pattern and the combination of colours just draw my eye to it. Plus, in the picture, the material looks like it has a shinny quality, which I really like. I would keep the styling super simple, with my hair tied up in a bun and with some flip flops. I would have to save it for summer though because it's still kinda snowing at the moment. 

Anyway, thanks for reading. Which piece is your favourite? Please leave a comment bellow. Also, what's your favourtie colour scheme?