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Style & Fashion: MillyBridal Prom Dress Wishlist

MillyBridal Prom Dresses

Millybridal UK don't just do wedding wear, they also have a great range of prom and evening dresses too. You can check out their range of 2018 Prom Dresses by clicking on the link.

Words by Rosa Fairfield, yep, that's me.


Have you ever read any of those FanFiction stories where the other characters throw a character a prom because they didn't have one? Well, I really want a prom-do-over because mine kinda sucked. I spent most of the night crying, sitting on a table on my own, with the teachers asking me if I was okay every 5 seconds. Anyway, if anyone feels like throwing me a prom-do-over then these are some of the dresses I'm currently loving.

Dress 1: Now this is just pure magic. The combination of colours work perfectly together. I've always been a fan of blue and pink. The woodland, branch-esque pattern is pretty and delicate without being tacky. The tulle is also so elegant and the sequin detail adds a bit of fun sparkle.

Dress 2: I love how modern and stylish this one is. The crop top makes it a bit more funky but the neckline has a 1950s vibe. The blue and the white work so well together and the long tulle style skirt is to die for. There's not much I can say about this because it's all straight lines and minimal but overall so effective.

Dress 3: I love the shape of this one, the simple structured top that pinches in the waist with the elaborate a-line ruffle skirt. The skirt is so fabulous, I love anything with that kind of layered texture but it's also so light and bouncy. The dark colours give it more of a fancy cocktail party feel and the sparkle top is magical.

Dress 4: This one is very girly and cute. It has a lovely two-toned white pink effect that makes it a bit more interesting. Again, this one has a great structure, with the fitted top and the cold-shoulder look makes it more visually pleasing and elongates the neck, making to look more elegant and sophisticated. You can also find more Prom Ball Gowns on their website.

Dress 5: I put this one in there because it reminded me of Carrie from SATC. I love the white and the pink together and I'm also a fan of a mid-length tulle skirt. It's simple and it's structured. This is also a dress you could wear for any slightly fancy occasion. It doesn't need to be specially for prom or fancy evening wear.

My favourite dress has to be number 3. I just love everything about it and I can imagine myself leaning against a piano and slipping a cocktail whist wearing it. Anyway, thanks so much for reading. Which dress is your favourite? I'd also really love to hear your prom stories, if you have any that you would like to share?