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Self-Help Advice: How to Keep Moving Forward

Time, it's always moving forward, but, in a world that's ever changing, how do we make sure we're moving with the hands, instead of stuck on pause? By Rosa Fairfield.

Time. Our lives revolve around it:

Lunch break at 2pm,
Doctors appointment at 10.30am,
The plane is boarding, Gate 34 at 18.00 hours,
Work starts at 9am,
Can you help me out? Sure, I'll just be 10 minutes.

Time. It's a funny thing isn't it, how our lives can revolve so heavily on a sequence of numbers. No matter how hard we try, we can never stop the second from ticking away or reverse their direction, the hands keep on moving forward in a clockwise direction.

Don't try and go anti-clockwise
You can't go back in time and change the past, no matter how much you may want to. Well, unless you have a time-machine but come on, if you have a time machine do you really want to relive some part of your own life? Wouldn't you rather see the Ancient Egyptians or see the Dinosaurs? Anyway, my point is, don't get caught up regretting something that's happened in your life. Accept it, learn from it and make better choices in the future. It's never too late.

Kiss fear goodbye
Fear holds us back. Whether you have had an amazing experience and your scared it will never happen again or if you've had a bad one and you scared it will. It all boils down to a fear of the unknown. No one knows the future, sometimes you just have to jump (not off a building, unless you have a parachute or something) and hope it will pay off. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, think about what could go right, replace fear with excitement.

Don't resist
In order to keep on going forward, you can't hold on to everything exactly the same as it currently is. The world as a whole is constantly moving and you have to embrace that and make the most out of it, even if it's not 100% what you personally desire. Otherwise you end up getting left behind.

Listen to what your instincts tell you
Sometimes you get a crazy wonderful thought that pops into your head or you've always known deep down where you want life to take you. Well, make it happen, find a way, it may be difficult but there is one. Don't let something hold you back.

Turn what if into that happened
I did a workshop once about what if thinking to solve problems. I think it's an interesting concept and a great way of trying new things. Just ask yourself a question. What if I had pink hair? What if I travelled to Iceland? What if I started my own business? If it's something positive for you and in the realms of possibly, why not turn that what if into I made that happen?