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Personal Style: How to Wear Evening Clothes in the Daytime

Have you ever seen really beautiful party wear... but you're more of a movie night and ice-cream gal so you just don't know when you'd wear it? Well, I have some tips on how you can cas-it-down so you can rock it in the day, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

I've got a bit of a long post for you today, the last few weeks have been a little crazy because I've been creating a short film that I hope to take to various film festivals. That translates into, I've been very busy and haven't had time to post as much as I would like to. Anyway, all the Tobi pieces I'm wearing in these pictures (apart from the skirt) are more club/party wear than something you'd typically wear in the day. Yet, here I am, wearing them in the daytime (I don't really go clubbing or partying so I wouldn't have got any use out of them otherwise) but it got me thinking about how you can wear evening wear in the daytime. Here are my tips:

Less is more
Kinda what I was going for with the white dress. When I'm trying to make something look more casual, I try to go minimal everything-else. That one translates into sunglasses, no jewellery, messy hair... and apparently no shoes (or maybe sandals, like these, if you don't want the bottom of your feet to kill). I've actually randomly walked around the streets with no shoes on a few times... sorry, random factoid about myself.

Kinda what I was going for with the red top. I admit that the main reason for this one was because the weather still ain't that warm yet, but I also think it says creative daywear over night out. If you wanted to go a little bit more casual with this, then I would suggest putting the top over a plain white tee. Primark is great for finding these. If you wanted something patterned then this striped tee would work well too.

Nude make-up
I always tend to keep my make-up very simple in the daytime and it's a great way of distinguishing a night look from a day one. I'm currently loving soft pinkish tones for my eyes, like the ones in this palette. I'm also loving No7 lip crayons, which is what I'm wearing in the picture.

I'm a massive fan of denim and I think that it also has this casual look to it so if I ever want to tone something down, I pair of denim piece with it. Denim skirts are great if you want your outfit to have a feminine vibe or wear jeans if you want to rock California chic.

Put a jumper over it
If I did have a signature look, I feel like this would be it. If I want to quickly pop out, I leave the slip dress I sleep in on and put a jumper over it... or i'll style an evening dress and stick a top over it to make it work in the daytime. This always makes me feel warm and snuggly. It's also a great way to get multiple looks out of just one piece.

Thanks for reading. You can shop the pieces by clicking on the links bellow: