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Travel: A Instagram Guide to Oslo

Looking to discover pretty places to photograph, instead of tourist attractions? Well, my Oslo guide is for you then, by Rosa Fairfield.

I spent forever online searching for interesting places to go in Oslo but most of my searches just came up with a bunch of museums and tourist attractions. That wasn't what I was looking for. So, I decided to create my own Oslo guide, that is a little more hipster:

I went to Torp Airport. It's about a two hour train journey to Oslo from there but I thought it was worth it. There was beautiful snowy scenery all around, snow covered logs and horses and pretty coloured houses etc. I spent an hour walking around the countryside there and didn't see another person or car the whole time. It was bliss. There are some pretty places to stop off at along the way to Oslo too.

This is where the locals go skiing. You just hop off the metro, bring your skis or sledge and off you go. The metro journey there is amazing, you get to see a view of the whole of Oslo. I spent a while walking around and taking pictures of the snowy trees. It was quiet early in the morning but got too busy in the afternoon to do anything.

This is the 'hipster' shopping area, a bit like Brooklyn. It has such a pretty vibe when it goes dark. There are pretty lights and it looks like a cute wintery village. The shops were beautiful too, when you walk inside some of them, you feel like you've stepped into an old curiosity shop, filled with wonderful intricate things.

This is a shopping centre but it's decorated so beautifully with sparkling lights. There are also some comfortable chairs in the upstairs area where you can relax, charge your phone and use the wifi. It's a great place to be if the weather is bad outside.

Barcode Project
I'm a bit of an architecture nerd and became obsessed with these buildings. I loved the interesting shapes, mix of colours and modern, futuristic vibe. There is a bridge leading from the train station which is a great place to photograph them from.

Opera House & harbour 
You can walk around the top of the opera house. It's well worth a visit and wasn't too busy in the winter. You can see great views of the bay and of the city and mountains beyond. You can also walk around the harbour. There is a beautiful pink hotel and a cool quaint cafe.

There is a hill lined with really beautiful old fashioned colourful houses. It's a great contrast to the modern city and has a winter village feel. The houses look amazing in the snow but it is difficult to walk up and down the hill because it's so slippy.

This area is really nice too, if you like photographing buildings. These ones are town houses but in different bright colours. This area is also dotted with factories and it reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There is also a park nearby with a waterfall.