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Wishlist: Zaful Valentines Day Sale

The Zaful valentines day 2018 is underway and it's a good one. Zaful valentine's day deals are available too, including the code: LOVE18, which allows you to get $6 off orders over $55 and $9 off orders over $65. They have some really amazing Valentine's day themed pieces too! (Sorry not sorry, I'm just so excited about this).


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So, let me talk you through the different pieces:

Item 1: I fell in love with this as soon as I laid eyes on it. I dunno, something about it seems to perfectly sum up Valentine's day. It has this sweet, old-fashioned quality and I love the ruffles and the little bow. I can imagine it with a cute denim skirt. This would be great for a casual Valentine's day picnic. 

Item 2: Don't items 1 & 2 just look so lovely together, the perfect combination. I love the mixture of colours, the tones are great. The sleeve detail is what I really love about this one. It makes a simple top a little bit quirky. Plus, it makes the sleeves a bit more practical so you won't, you know... drape them into your soup or something.

Item 3: I love this shade of red, such a cute mini dress, which is great for the daytime but you could also take it into the night with a nice pair of heels and some stylish jewellery. I have to point out the button down front detail here, which is a lovely cute touch. 

Item 4: I'm loving this shade of pink. The gingham pattern is so perfect for a cute picnic and I love the bow detail that adds the perfect finishing touch. These would work well if you're living somewhere hot or if someone is constantly chasing you around with a giant heater (where do I get myself one of those people?)

Item 5: Maybe this one is a more practical option (you know, if you haven't got that person with that heater) because you can pair it with a cute pair of tights to keep your legs cosy. I love the wrap over design and the cute bow gives it the perfect Valentine's day twist.

Item 6: Ruffles! I love ruffles! There are so many ruffles on this dress! Let the love affair begin. This is another great shade of deep red and the white polka dot pattern works so well with it. It's both elegant with a romantic twist so perfect if you have yourself a date (even if that date is yourself).

What's my favourite?
Now this one is super difficult. You know what? I would totally go for number 2 because I love the sweet old-fashioned vibe and the mixture of colours. I'd wear it with my hair down, with my new denim skater skirt and with a pair of strap sandals in a complimenting colour. 

If I couldn't have that one, then I would go with the ruffle dress because I'm crazy about ruffles and polka dots. It would also make me feel like that awesome sassy dancer emoji (aka, the best emoji there is). 

How about you?