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Style & Life: Why It's Important to Empower other Women

As super cheesy as this sounds, all gals need to stick together and here's why, by Rosa F

Photographs by Rosa Fairfield (more of my self-timer photography)


I'm loving how much evidence I'm seeing in the media lately of ladies supporting ladies, with the TIME'S UP movement and all those actresses wearing the black dresses at the Golden Globes. There is that stereotypical 'bitchiness' and competitive culture associated with women but it's so important to stick together and support each other, over the little things too not just sexual harassment and inequality.

But, I'd also like to point out, before I continue, that sexual harassment and assault can happen to any gender identity, not just women and I think that it's so important that we don't split off into 'women' and 'men' because we need a solidarity as people. Like my cousin is always saying, 'gender is just a social construct.'

Why it's important to support each other:

1) Success breeds success

One person's success can inspire so many others out there to travel in that person's footsteps and do great things. So, instead of comparing your life to that other person's, let their journey inspire you to lead the life you want to lead.

2) Negativity only pulls you down
If you constantly judge other people, talk behind their backs, complain about them etc. Well, does that really make you feel good about yourself or does it just bring down your own mood? On the other hand, it's never nice to be that person who is being judged and bitched about, stop for a minute and think about that person's feelings.

3) Things are a matter of opinion
Leading on from the last point. I've heard so many people say nasty things about other people, over the years, because they believe that the other person is 'nasty' or 'in the wrong' somehow. Truth be hold, that's a complete matter of opinion. You never really know what's going on in someone's life. There could be a legitimate personal reason why they did that thing that made you a bit annoyed. Besides, if they really are 'nasty' you're only bringing yourself down to their level.

4) Insecurity breads more Insecurity
This is especially to do with body confidence. As a society, we put so much pressure on looks that we sometimes feel the need to point out other people's flaws to feel better about our own. Most of the time this is done subconsciously too so we aren't even aware that we're doing it. Insecurity breads more insecurity, try and stop that cycle.

5) Girl friendships are so rewarding
My girl best friend-ships have been some of the best I've had. They can be really rewarding, just as rewarding as any romantic relationship out their, so cherish them for all they are worth. So go be a Leslie Knope and call your bestie a 'beautiful tropical fish'.

On a final note, please don't think this is me telling you or presuming that you do all of these things or any of them. Maybe, you are the nicest, kindest, loveliest person out there. In which case, awesome, never change!