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Personal Style: Popjulia Review and 5 Pants Styling Tips

Looking for some new pants and need some tips on how to style them? Well, then, this post is for you, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

I was impressed when I received these pants from Popjulia. To be honest, I wasn't expecting them to be that great for the low £20 price range but the quality was really good. The material was soft and felt nice against my skin but was also thick and the stitching felt secure. I say that because, well, sometimes you buy items and they are so delicate or the stitching hasn't been finished properly that they fall apart after you wear them, but not with these pants.

I also need to point out that they are extremely comfortable, the fit was just right. I did order a size bigger than I normally would though, to be on the safe side, so if you have wider hips, like me, I'd also recommend you do that.

It took a while for the items to arrive but that was expected and I had no problem with the delivery process and overall I was very pleased with it. Bellow are some pants styling tips:

Tight-fitting top
This is my personal preference. My hips are on the larger side so it makes me feel more confident wearing a tight-fitting top to show off my figure. The standard thing to do with neutral coloured pants like this is to wear a matching or similar neutral coloured top but I think it's also a nice option to go for something brighter to add a fun vibe to the look.

Baggy jumper & sneakers
This is how these pants were styled on the website. If you want a more casual look, then go for this. It's super easy and comfortable. Think slouchy, stylish and slightly hipster.

Heels & Blazer
With any item you can either make it look casual or smart, it really all depends on how you style it. With a pair of heels, blazer and shirt this would totally work for a fashionista business meeting. You could also glam it up with a pair of shades, because shades always make things look way more glam.

Long jacket 
This is another of my favourites. I tired these pants with a short coat but I thought it cut me in a weird way, with the shape of my hips, and completely drowned my figure so I went for a long one instead.

A dress over
It's winter, if you're not in Australia or that part of the world, so you don't really get a chance to wear that many dresses. A good way to make it work though is to wear a dress over pants. It looks cool, stylish and is a great way to make dresses work without freezing to death.

Thank-you so much for reading. Do you have any more ways, you can think of, for styling pants? I would love it if you could leave a comment bellow and get involved with the discussion.