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Valencia, Spain

Travel Guide: Valencia, Spain 2017

Futuristic buildings, soft sand beaches and lots of palm trees - Valencia has everything a girl could want. Check out my guide & video bellow to see my favourites, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

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I love Valencia so so much. It has to be my favourite European place that I have visited so far and if I could speak Spanish and if we weren't leaving the EU, I would move there ASAP. It has a great mix of modern and old architecture, good temperatures and lots of palm trees. They were having a heat wave when I went at the end of October, and it was 30 degrees, which is basically the perfect temperature for me. I think I liked it so much because it reminded me of an American city and it felt like there were lots of activities to do.

You can view my two other posts with my outfit pictures from Valencia: Blog Post 1 & Blog Post 2. Here is my mini guide:

The old town street art
This was my favourite part of the trip. I was stopping in the old town, in an apartment, across the park from the Nuevo Centro. There was this amazing street art everywhere and all the shop shutters were painted with various colourful scenes. This really brightened the place up and added some whimsical fun.

The beach - Playa de la Malvarrosa
I decided to walk to the beach, it took me 1hr 30 minutes to get to Playa de la Malvarrosa... but you can catch the metro there, which takes about 30 minutes from Fusta to La Cadena on the T4 line. The beach has amazing soft golden sand and it's surrounded by a long boardwalk with a few restaurants and avenues of palm trees. It reminded me of a Florida beach because there wasn't really any shops by it and it was very flat.

The park
There is a lovely stretch of park land that goes from the zoo (Bioparc Valencia) to the Museu du les Ciencies de Valencia. It is such a beautiful area to walk through. It looks really pretty and there is a running trail, which people are always jogging up and down. It's very active, from children playing baseball to people cycling.

Museu du les Ciencies
I didn't go inside this place but the complex is amazing (the buildings in the photographs bellow). There are these amazing futuristic buildings surrounded by aqua coloured water, which look like they belong in the movie Tomorrowland. It's such an impressive place to see. There are also lots of water activities like zorbs and rowing boats. I spent a day walking around it. There's a shopping centre  called Aqua nearby, which has a nice view.

The market 
My parents really enjoyed this place. It's great for picking up cheap food, they have fruit, bread, meat and other types of produce. Honestly, I stopped going in there the first day because they had cows heads and rabbit carcases and the whole thing made me feel a bit sick.

Thanks so much for reading, where in the world do you think I should travel to next? Please leave a comment bellow, I would love to here your thoughts.