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Personal Style & Advice: Ultimate Treat Yo Self Pampering Guide

Feeling a bit blue? Then why don't you check out my ultimate Treat Yo Self guide? It's full of ideas to help brighten up your day, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

My Ultimate "Treat Yo Self" pampering guide: 

So I've been binge watching the whole series of Parks & Recreation lately (which is the best show ever btw!) If you haven't watched it go watch it right now... or after you've finished reading my blog post, if you don't mind. Anyway, it got me thinking about what my ultimate Treat Yo Self day would be. If we're talking my actual ultimate Treat Yo Self day, I would go to New York City, play the leading role in a movie that I write and direct, adopt a pet unicorn and then travel back in time to the 1950s. Anyhoo, this is my much more realistic guide:

Buy something that you really really love. Even if it's something really small and cheap, like your favourite chocolates or that latest book you've been wanting to read. Just think about something you've always wanted to own, that is attainable, and then TREAT YO SELF. Usually for me, this is a new pair of shoes, a build-a-bear or something pink and fluffy.

Lots fun activities
Again, this is different for everyone. Think about some simple fun actives that you enjoy doing, it can be something like playing board games or going to the zoo. For me personally, I would choose multiple games of bowling and mini golf. If you are feeling a bit more extravagant, try ticking something off your bucket list... or you know, making one if you don't have one.

Maybe this is just me because I really love movies and there is notting better than that proper cinema experience. You will often see me watching the same film multiple times it I love it. If movies aren't your thing (how dare you) then think of a different relaxing experience to pass the time.

At home spa
Make yourself a mini at home spa experience... or book an actually spa day (I did that once). Have a bubble bath, with candles and salts and soft music and rose petals. Then put on a face mask and take care of any areas that you may have been neglecting.

Movie night
I normally finish off with a movie. Either one of my favourites or a new one I've been wanting to see. Or you can binge watch some TV. The choice is yours. I recommend creating an atmosphere, dim the lights and snuggle up in some blankets. Also, don't forget the tub of Ben & Jerry's :P

Fun Snacks
I think it's nice to treat yourself to some unhealthy goodness once in a while. Think things that you love to eat but maybe don't eat on a daily basis for fear of dying at a young age. If you don't feel like anything sugary then maybe think about just making yourself your favourite meal.

So that's my Treat Yo Self guide. What would your perfect treat day look like? Please comment bellow, you know I always like to hear your thoughts.


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