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Fashion & Style: Christmas Themed Wishlist

Are you ready to be dazzled? Well, check out my latest Twinkledeals wishlist, which has a festive twist, by Rosa Fairfield.

* Disclaimer - If you are a Grumpy Gus and don't like to start Christmas celebrations in November, or worse still, shock horror... you hate Christmas 😲, then you might want to go and visit one of these posts instead:  Mustard for AW17 or Tips for Dealing with Change


Yes, I may be crazy, but I love novelty items and I love Christmas so when I saw all these Christmas themed clothes, I knew it was time to make a wishlist post (also, I have been listening to Christmas songs all day, which might have had something to do with it).

Number 1: On the site this is labeled 'UGLY' but I think it's actually really pretty. I love the shape of it and the beautiful lace detail. I think the print is very tasteful and also it's more of a generic winter print so you can get away with wearing it for the whole season.

Number 2: This one is slightly more basic looking and directly relates to Christmas as Santa's slay is speeding across the fabric. I really like the snow print and then the cute cartoon image on the skirt. It's cute and feminine and would be great to wear on Christmas day.

Number 3: This is very similar to dress number one. I like the blue and while on this one, the colour combination makes the print really stand out and it looks almost magical. I'm also loving the cute little winter village scene on the bottom.

Number 4: These are everything. No, really they are. I love fairy lights and Christmas lights and have them up all year around. I like the way that they aren't too obvious (like they aren't covered in pictures of Santa) but you can still tell they are Christmas related. Also, they are so colourful!

Number 5: As much as I love a good bit of Christmas cheese, I like these because they look more stylish, opposed to tacky. The colours are more subtle so they would go with a range of different outfits and you could wear them throughout the whole of the Christmas season.

Number 6: Come on? Who doesn't love a cute Christmas sweater. I know I do. In fact, I have developed a small collection of them. I like this one because it's cute and creative. I'm loving Santa's beard and his Rudolph nose.

My Favourite Item?
That's a difficult one.... I feel like choosing one Christmas themed item is just rude... but if I did have to pick one, maybe, I would choose either pair of those leggings. Mainly because they have multiple Christmas purposes. I can lounge around eating turkey in them, or I could practice my Christmas dance routine in them... and I could go Christmas shopping in them.

So, there you have it. Thank-you for reading (or briefly looking at) this post. Which item is your favourite? Please comment bellow.