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Madrid, Spain

Personal Style & Blogging: Dealing with Online Hate

"I'm talking about my first experience with online hate... and sharing this cute cacti themed look, by Rosa Fairfield."

Photographs by Linda Smith

* The jeans and the bag are from Zaful

Chat about online hate

Being in the spotlight can mean that the haters come rolling in (okay, I know I only have 4k followers and I'm not in the spotlight, I just thought the line worked so well with the spotlight in the images). Anyway, a few weeks ago, I got my first hater on Instagram. At first I was like, "this is so cool!!! I feel like I'm becoming successful because I have a hater." It didn't really bother me that much because I knew it was just one of those things, that sometimes people say hateful comments online and it isn't really a reflection on you. But, after a while, it did start to get me a little down.

My way of dealing with things like this has always been not retaliating... there's no point in getting yourself into an argument with someone, it only really ends up making matters worse. If it is bothering you, it's best to report it. Then again, in my experience, the person then made a different account.

I think you just have to remind yourself that what that person is saying isn't true and focus on the positive comments you are receiving. If it is getting too much to handel then not looking at your comments at all is probably the best thing to do.

Actually, I think what makes me even more uncomfortable is when guys decide to act in a kind of creepy way. They post lots of comments telling me they are in love with me and send me lots of kisses. They then try and start conversations with me via direct messages. I just think it is extremely inappropriate and it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

The Outfit

I love this bag so much. I made a wish list post a few weeks ago with it on and I knew I had to buy it. When it arrived, I was so excited that I kept on showing it to my family with a big massive grin on my face and I jumped around a lot. I'm crazy about cacti and novelty bags so it really was the perfect addition to my collection. 

One thing I will point out though, is that it is very small inside and you need to use it on a day where you only need to bring the essentials with you. 

I'm loving these jeans too. Again, because they have cacti on them. I'm also loving the fact that they aren't skinny. They have more of a mom jeans shape, I've never been that much of a fan of skinny jeans. Another thing I'd like to point out here is that they come up very small around the bum area... or maybe that's because I have a large bum? I ordered a medium and I'm normally small - so it's best to order a size larger.

* One final note... how cool is this wall! I found it in Madrid and think it's awesome. I love anything that's colourful. 

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