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Personal Style: High Street Evolution of Faux Fur

"If you want a casual chat about faux fur... who wouldn't? Then this is the post for you, as I discuss my observations of how faux fur coats have evolved, by Rosa Fairfield"

Photographs by Linda Smith

This coat is my new favourite thing! I'm not even over-exaggerating. I love it so much. I did have a very disappointing moment though, where I pulled off one of the press fasteners you close it with. As my dad would say, I'm very slap dash and not all that delicate so I always end up breaking and damaging things. It's okay though, I've sewed it back on... criss averted.

Anyway, I thought it would be a cute idea... to do a mini evolution of faux fur coats. This is just based on what I've seen in the high street shops, over the past few years... and by no means scientific or intellectual or anything like that...

I remember there being a lot of leopard print faux fur coats around at this time. I had one, I had it for three years and it got me through university. It felt like there wasn't really much variety around though, it was your standard colour and print and it wasn't all that interesting.

I feel like we started to see a lot more variety around this time. They were mainly still in your basic colours but it felt like we had moved away from leopard print towards block neutral colours and subtle prints. At this time, I purchased a faux fur coat that had a mink style fur print.

I feel that this was the year things started to get interesting. I'd see a lot of faux fur scarfs around, the sliders, the cute pom poms. All sorts of things... and the coats seemed to get more interesting too - with pastel pinks added. I got a light grey one this year... but I purchased it in a size 20 because it was the only one they had left and ended up returning it.

I love how everything has become so colourful in 2017. There are the amazing bright pink, yellow and red fur coats out in block colours, which are everything. We're also seeing a lot of different prints and fun patterns as well. I love it so much and I will be purchasing so many faux fur coats this season so watch this space.

Anyway, these are just some observations I've had. Also, I feel like I need to mention here that this fur coat is so soft that it is like being wrapped in cotton wool. Another also... if you do decide to buy this coat or any other faux fur coat, make sure you look after them, otherwise the fur will become matted. I find it's best not to eat in them, give them a quick comb from time to time and store them separately in clothing bags.

I'm also loving these cute boots, with the fur rim. I've been looking for some nice black ankle boots for a while now to replace my old ones. I wasn't actually expecting them to be so high, which is good because I feel like I'm average height when wearing them... but I need to get used to walking in them so I don't break my ankle.


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