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Personal Style: 3 Reasons Why you Should be Layering Clothes for Autumn

3 reasons why you should be layering this Autumn and how to do it, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Layering for Autumn

I love layering and so should you. Here's why:

1) It's practical
I'm the type of person who is freezing cold 90% of the time and one jacket never seems to cut it. Also, if you're wearing layers and you start to feel a little bit warm, you can take one of them off to find a comfortable medium. Whereas, if you're just wearing one layer, you either end up too warm or too cold... if that makes any sense.

2) You can create unique & interesting outfits
Chances are that if you just wear something as it is... there will be countless other people wearing that item in the exact same way as you. Whereas, if you mix it up and layer pieces you have a unique styling. I also think layered outfits are so much more interesting to look at because they have more dimensions. I love the whole dress over jeans vibe for this.

3) You can take your summer clothes into the winter
I love cute flimsy summer dresses but it's a bit difficult to wear them in the UK Autumn/Winter without freezing to death... but if you layer them, then it is completely possible. Also, if you haven't got tons of money to spend on a new Autumn closet this is a great way to save some cash.

How to layer:

1) Under or over
I think the first step to layering is to pick out one piece that you really want to wear. Then you have to decide if you want to layer pieces under that item or over it. Dresses are great versatile pieces for this as you can put jumpers over them, shirts under them, skirts over them... or jeans under them. Lots of different combinations - get creative.

2) Don't hide it 
I always kind of think that there is no reason to wear layers, unless you are playing golf in winter and are desperate to keep warm, if you cover them up. Then you can't see them and it kinda becomes pointless. This is why I wear jackets and coats open most of the time, unless I am super cold.

3) Be brave and experiment
I am a big believer in wearing the most crazy thing I can find... experimenting is fun. Try pairing items together that are a little bit wacky or that wouldn't naturally think of putting together. I think you have to take risks when it comes to personal style... and at the end of the day, if the outfit doesn't end up working you can just shrug your shoulders and move on. I much prefer this outlook then painfully trying to look perfect all the time, which is way too exhausting.


Thank-you so much for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. I remember when I was just starting my blog and I would be over the moon when even one person read a post.

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