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Personal Style & Advice: 10 Things Never to Say to Someone

Sometimes people can just say the most offensive things, here are some basic ones that tend to irritate me, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

You know, sometimes people can just say some really stupid hurtful things. Here are a few basic things you should never say to someone else:

I used to think you were boring
Don't ever tell anyone that they are boring or that you used to think they were boring. It's soul destroying, honestly it really is.

I thought you were *insert any age under the age of 16*
This is an issue, if like me, you're in your 20s and really don't look your age. I've had it all, from a person shouting at me on the bus for not being in school to someone actually talking to me as if I'm a baby. Whenever I answer the phone, I'm always asked if I can put my mother or father on the line... someone even told me I looked like a 12 year-old recently.

Sorry, I need to cancel on you (less than 2 hours before it's going to happen)
Sure, cancel on plans, I understand that sometimes something really important comes up that you just need to do but never cancel on something less than 2 hours before hand, unless it an emergency or a once in a lifetime experience. By the two hour mark, I've spent ages getting ready and preparing. It's just so not cool to be dressed up with nowhere to go to... or to have made a meal with no one to eat it with.

You have small boobs
Don't insult a girls boobs, like never. It's something a lot of people get insecure about... even if I have got small boobs, I really don't need you to point it out to me... and honestly small boobs can be great so I really don't know what the problem is.

Are you on your period?
It's so annoying when you are upset or angry over something and then someone laughs at you and says 'are you on your period?' I've actually had this said to me when I have been on my period and I was just feeling hormonal but it still annoyed me when that person said it.

It's okay, you'll find someone
It's so annoying when someone in a relationship starts to get all patronising. I mean, it's totally okay to be single... everyone has a different path. Someone might meet the love of their life when they are 20, someone might meet them when they are 60... other people might just spend the rest of their life single and be perfectly happy.

You're quiet
Sometimes I can be really shy and introverted. It can take me a while to feel comfortable around people and the last thing I want is for someone to point this out, it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

No offence, I love you but...
Okay... so this clearly means you are about to say something offence. I'd rather you just spit it out instead of trying to sugar coat it, I promise you that starting the sentence off like this isn't going to make me any less offended.

Don't cry *laughs*
I was doing work experience and trying to point out that something the person I was working with had said wasn't a very nice thing to say and he laughed and said 'don't cry about it'. I wasn't going to cry, I was just trying to stop you from saying something ignorant.

I think it's also important to point out that we've all said something that's hurt someone else without meaning to at some point. That's just life.

Have you ever had any of these said to you? Please leave a comment bellow: