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Personal Style & Fashion: Co-ord Styling Tips

Co-ords have been my go-to of late... two pieces for the price of one, what's not to love. If you are looking for some styling tips, check out my advice for rocking the trend below, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

Can I just say that choosing to wear this was completely out of my comfort zone. If I wear trousers/pants I always wear them with a tight fitting top and I never really wear anything that is minimalistic like this. I'm glad I tried it out though because I really love it, I just think it looks super elegant and stylish and it's something that I would 100% recommend buying (I feel like I say this a lot... but I would never post photographs of something on my blog that I didn't love).

Here are my tips for styling co-ords:

Mix & match
Co-ords look great together but you also have two separate pieces that you can style with different things. These pants could be worn with a brightly coloured patterned top to create a completely different vibe... or I could wear the top with a cute pair of jeans. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless.

Add some colour
This isn't something I've chosen to go with for this one but another way to style this would be with a pop of colour. The look is block white so by adding... say a red bag and pair of shoes you have broken up the look and made it stand out a bit more. I do think that this works best with block and contrasting colours though. It can get a bit crazy if you are working with patterns.

Again, if you want to break-up the same-ness of the outfit you can try layers. This is great for Autumn. With this look you could add a different coloured tee underneath the top and a cute jacket balanced on your shoulders to make it look really glam and fashion-forward.

Statement jewellery 
For this co-ord in particular, because it is so minimal, a statement necklace or pair of earrings works well with it to add an extra something. You could go for the complete opposite though, if you want a full on minimal look. Then I would wear a simple gold necklace, with studs or a watch/plain bangle.

Keeping it basic
Thats what I've kinda done here. Sometimes it's just nice to wear an outfit how it is. This was especially true because I was abroad and it was hot so I wanted a no-fuss look. This cute little number looks great on its own because its so elegant and you don't really need to do much to it.

I think blogging over this past year and really helped me to try out new things and new trends. Before, I would just stick to what I know but now I feel really excited to experiment. I definitely think switching up your style every now and again is the way to go.

Do you have any different thoughts on styling co-ords, please leave a comment bellow, I always love to read them :)