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Personal Style: Styling a Bodycon Dress for the Daytime

Bodycon dresses don't just have to be for a night out, check out my tips for wearing them as a daytime look, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

I'm trying to rock a tropical goddess kinda vibe in this bodycon dress for a daytime look. Here are my tips for wearing one of these during the daytime:

Fun accessories
I made this look a bit more fun and daytime-y by adding the sunglasses, turban and yellow beads. That way it looks more like a fun, topical holiday outfit than 'I'm going out to party'. You can also tie a cute scarf around your neck or wear a pair of casual flat shoes.

Slip on a jumper/sweater
This one is great for Autumn. Put some cool knitwear over the top to break up the whole look and that way it just looks like you are wearing a pencil skirt... you would have to wear a sleeveless one with this dress because of the ruffled sleeves. The same goes for the bottom, you could add a skirt and make it look like a cool top.

Wear a jacket
Another great idea as we head into the winter months... just slip on a coat or jacket and the outfit and instantly looks like daywear and less like you are doing the walk of shame. I think leather jackets and trench coats work well with this look. Also, a nice lightweight cardigan would create a cute boho vibe. For something more glam, add a kimono and rock it with a cool beaded necklace.

Boots & tights
This is another of my favourites... some casual flat high leg boots with a pair of tights and a cute hat along with that jacket I mentioned above. A good way to turn a summer outfit into an Autumn look and to make this look a little more casual.

Just work-it
At the end of the day... no matter what you are wearing, if you hold your head up high and have confidence you can rock anything.

What I think of this yellow number
I really like this dress. Yellow is one of my favourite colours to wear and I really love these statement sleeves. It's bold and glam and makes me feel totally glamorous when I wear it. Although, it is a little big on me, which means it looks scrunched up in places. I'd recommend trying to order one size smaller. It's also very long, which doesn't quiet work if you are 5ft 2 like me. 

Overall I like the dress though, I can see myself layering it with other items for Autumn, in order to add a pop of colour to my outfits. I might also try wearing it as a top with a skirt over the bottom because I really love these statement sleeves.

The necklace
I was kinda unsure about this pearl necklace when it arrived but when I put it on I fell in love with it. It looks so glamorous and hangs really nicely around the neck. I also like the fact that it has a short chain so it stays in place and doesn't cover your outfit. I really love how it's a large statement piece and could be worn to look like a cute collar.