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Fashion: Styling the Trench Coat with Jack Wills

The trench coat is that classic piece, that never seems to go out of style. Since I was 12-years-old and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time, I've always had one in my closet. If you don't believe me, there are some old (and slightly awkward) pictures of me bellow.

I find trench coats appealing because they offer sophistication and remind me of glamorous old movies. Also, they are very practical for protecting against the rain (which we get so much of in England). My favourite ones fall to the knee and have a belt around the waist so it accentuates my hourglass figure.

5 terrific trench coats from Jack Wills

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I first went inside Jack Wills when I was sixteen and started to go to college in the city. It was love at first sight, I adored the preppy classic British vibe, cute jumpers and their trademark pink and blue. Click the following link to see their women's trench coat range.

My personal favourite way to style a trench coat is with a pair of black leggings and nude ballet flats, with my hair down and slightly wavy. Jack Wills have an in-depth how to style a trench coat guide on their website... so if you're looking for styling tips, head over there.

What's your go to way to style a trench coat? Please leave a comment bellow.