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Summer Fashion: My Top 5 Favourite Summer Trends 2017

Looking to try out a new trend this summer? Here are my top five favourites to inspire you, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith


I've always loved gingham - especially red and white (it reminds me of a summer picnic). It's a classic print that isn't too out-there. I think it works best as a dress, although you need to be careful that you don't look like you are wearing a child's school summer dress.

Basket Bags

I love wicker bags and I'm seeing them everywhere at the moment. My favourite ones have embroidered lettering with pom poms and tassels. Basket Bags are great for the beach or for a walk in the country side. I think they look especially nice when paired with a block-coloured summer dress.

Cowboy Boots

These booties are currently in-trend. Although, I love them so much I'd wear them if they weren't. I've had so many different styles over the years because I love the whole western-vibe. I think they look great with a summer dress or a pair of denim shorts.

Statement Earrings

I got my first pair of statement earrings the other day, my favourite kind are the ones with tassels or giant pom poms. They are just so much fun and look great with a boho style dress.

Retro Florals

Think 60s flower power. I love florals and I love the 60s so this is a great trend for me. Think bold colours and statement shapes. They look great with platform shoes and messy hair.


What is your favourite summer trend? Please leave a comment bellow.