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Personal Style: My Top 5 Poolside Must-Haves

Heading off on your summer holidays? Well, here are my top 5 poolside must-haves to offer you some holiday inspiration, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

I couldn't be further away from a swimming pool at the moment. I'm sitting on a window seat, at the library, looking out onto a city view and a grey sky. I'm going to Greece in a couple of weeks though so all is good. My 5 poolside must-haves are bellow, but first, here is a link to shop this look:


I love reading... and I'm talking a proper paperback not an ebook or a magazine. It's my way to relax, unwind and to escape into a different reality. My favourite place to read is by the pool (I spent a while trying to write down the reason why but I don't 100% know). I'm currently reading Library of Souls from the Miss Peregrine's peculiar children series - and I have to say, it's one of the best stories I've ever read, up there with Harry Potter.


If I was being sensible, I'd probably just use a normal water bottle... but come on how cute do these look! I just love a novelty, something I can look at that will brighten up my day.


I've been watching people with these for a while now on Instagram and have wanted one so badly. The idea of sitting in a private pool with my drink floating next to me is like heaven. I've brought a cheaper version from Primark to try out this summer.


I've always loved floats - they bring back memories of when I was a child. I would push my dad out to sea on the lilo. Serious though, how much cooler have floats gotten. The idea of a floating cactus makes me so happy.


I love playing games, bat and ball is probably my favourite beach/poolside game. I used to play bowls a lot when I was younger. Now, I tend to opt for a board game. Mapominoes is my favourite, which is kind of like a geography version of dominos. It's portable and easy to get inside the suitcase too.

Let's not forget the obvious, like suntan location and a bottle of water, it's always good to stay hydrated and not burn.

What are your poolside must-haves? I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment bellow.