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Fashion: Top 5 Occasion Dress Styles

Top 5 Occasion Dress Styles 

With graduation days, prom, grad balls or even just summer weddings looming, you may be searching for that perfect occasion dress. Here are my top 5 favourite styles and some tips on how to wear them. I hope you find some inspiration.

Words & Illustrations by Rosa Fairfield


The Tulle

Feminine and delicate, this dress makes the wearer feel like she's just finished performing in the Nutcracker. It's a style I've worn on my blog many times. I recommend choosing a tulle dress that falls slightly bellow the knee, in length. They look great with heels or ballet flats, with a messy bun.

The Slip

Sultry and glamorous, this style of dress makes you feel like you've just stepped off a 1990s red carpet. Another dress I'm often wearing on my blog. For special occasions, I'd opt for a floor lenght style. I think these look best on women with lean figures, worn with minimal accessories.

The Bell

Cute and sophisticated, this dress looks like you've just stepped out of a time-machine, arriving from the 1950s. To achieve the full retro effect, opt for a knee length number and wear a hoop underneath. They work well for someone with a curvy figure and look great with a stiletto heel.

The Mermaid

Quirky and sophisticate, this style is perfect if you have always dreamed of being a mermaid. It looks great on an hourglass figure. I'd recommend a knee-lenght version if you are short. Works well with minimal jewellery, just with a headpiece or clip in your hair.

The Cowl Skirt

Elegant and minimal, great for someone with a classic style who wants to look mature. This dress looks great in a block colour like black for red. Add a gold bracelet or some statement earrings.  It's good for a cocktail party or glamorous soirée. Alternatively, there are also dresses with a cowl top, which has a layered cascading collar.


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