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Fashion & Radley Bag: 5 bags every woman needs

5 bags every woman needs

"Looking for a new bag? Look no further, learn about my new favourite bag and find out what five styles of bag you need in your closet, by Rosa Fairfield."

For most of my life I've been a shoe girl. I'd always have more pairs than I could count, but only one bag that would be falling apart because it was so over-used. That all changed about a year ago, I've still got more shoes than I need but I also have a variety of bags for every occasion.

These are 5 bags which I think every women needs in her closet (or wherever you store your bags):

The micro-bag

I've developed a mega crush on the micro-bag lately. They are so cute and tiny. I also find mirco-bags to be quiet sturdy, they limit what you can carry, so you don't end up taking the kitchen sink with you and they don't hurt your shoulder. They are also great for small girls (I just look silly carrying a big bag).

The tote

Great for when you need to carry a little extra like if you've picking up some shopping and don't want to spend 5p on a bag (or want to help save the environment), or you're going to work, or a lecture.

The clutch

I've only recently started using clutch bags. I have to say, I prefer ones that also have a strap you can use, because when I'm dancing around I don't want to be holding something.

The medium cross body

I have a variety of these. I find cross-body bags the most comfortable to carry, they're just the right size to get in all your stuff and they are more secure. Every girl should have one.

The backpack

These are great for going on a day trip or travelling. I find it's the most comfortable way to carry heavy items. Gone are the days, of athletic looking numbers, they now come in a variety of fashion-forward designs.

The Radley Bag 

I've dreamed of having a Radley bag since I've been a kid, (I know that sounds totally cheesy but it's true). I have to admit, that at that young age I just wanted one because I loved the scotty dog logo. 

I love this particular design - a beautiful micro-bag, with a simple but stylish design with the different coloured stripes. 

You can tell its a high quality piece because of the sturdy, yet supple material. You are also given the option to customise the bag, you can put your initials on for an extra cost.

I love luxury bags because they come in such wonderful packaging. This one came in a spotted bag and with a cute dustbag, which makes storing it a whole lot easier.

This has to be one of my new favourite bags, you'll be seeing a whole lot more of it on my blog. 


* Item was gifted