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"My guide to creating a frayed hem on your denim, by Rosa Fairfield"


The spring/summer frayed hem trend is still going strong and happens to be one of my favourites. Follow the steps bellow to spice up your old denim. 

1) Clear a workspace, on a flat surface and lay your denim item down.

2) Cut off the hem on the bottom of your piece, just above the bottom line of stitches.

3) Cut 1cm wide slits, as long as you want your frayed hem to be, all around the bottom of your denim - this will create a fringe effect.

4) Wash the item.

5) Leave the item wet, it will be easier to work on. You will notice that some treads have come loose on the slits you have cut. Pull these upwards but stop before you reach the top of the slit so you don't pull the treads off.

6) Pick apart each one of the slits you have cut, by pulling apart the vertical trends that make up the fabric, one by one.

7) When you have pulled apart enough of these, a frayed effect will have been created. Leave the item to dry and iron.

Thank-you for reading. What 2016 trends are your favourites so far? Leave a comment bellow.

My ready-to-wear frayed denim picks:


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