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Advice: 2 Life Hacks

These are the two qualities, I believe, will help you handle pretty much any situation and even achieve success. I think we can all work on improving these qualities, to help us to become better people, (I know I need to).

1) Understanding

I've always believed the key to life is understanding. Whether you are trying to achieve your dream career or you just need to comfort a friend, understanding is always the first step. For example: if you want to become a successful fashion blogger, first you must understand how to make that possible and the steps you need to take to get there. 

More recently, I have discovered understanding is the key to acceptance. I spent a large chunk of my life holding a grudge against someone because of how they treated me. In time, I came to see the situation from their perspective and understood why they acted that way. It allowed me to get some closer on the situation and move forward.

Understanding your fellow human beings is important. I don't believe there are bad people out there, there are just people who make bad choices because they believe what they are doing is right.

2) The Ability to Act on that Understanding

Now, here is the part I find difficult. I actually have a really good level of understanding but I can hardly ever seem to act upon it, or I act in the opposite way to which I know I should. I guess that's because I have a self sabotaging side, which sometimes doesn't want me to be happy. 

A lot of people seem to self sabotage. Like: if you understand that - to be happy - you need to leave your current job and find a different career. A lot of people I know, seem to have that thought but they don't act on it. Instead, they just  continue on their current path and moan a lot. All we're doing is standing in the way of our own happiness... because we are scared of change, scared to try or just scared of possible negative outcomes to our actions. Isn't it better to try and fail then never to try at all?

Maybe we all just need to take a leap and act on our understanding.

What I Wore

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What do you feel the most important qualities a person can have are? I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment in the comment box bellow.

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