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"I've finally decided to try out the off-the-shoulder ruffle look... you know, now summer is pretty much over, by Rosa Fairfield."

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The Ruffle Trend

I've been debating trying out the off-the-shoulder ruffle look all summer and now I've finally decided to take the plunge.

I love the bold and creative take on ruffles the spring/summer season has brought us - from wide ruffled sleeves to vertical ruffles cascading down dresses - and am very glad it hasn't disappeared just yet. 

The off-the-shoulder ruffle dress has been something we have seen a lot of recently, it is a slightly unusual twist on a classic design - which I love - but I wasn't completely convinced that it would be right for me. This sparkled my summer-long debate of: 'should I try this style of dress?'. 

Now I finally own one of these dresses, thanks to SheIn, I really like the look. I'm loving the t-shirt dress style material and the colour of this particular one. It also has straps so it feels more secure, (always a bonus.) 

Style Tips

 - If, like me, you prefer a more fitted look, I would recommend styling this dress with a belt. I wish I had now.

- If you would like to add accessories to this outfit, try adding a necktie or choker necklace. It adds a little extra something without obscuring the ruffle.

- Make it work for Fall by wearing a t-shirt or shirt underneath.

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Thank-you to Shein for collaborating.

I want to add more ruffles to my closet, I'm thinking ruffle sleeves, what do you think? Please leave a comment bellow.

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