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5 Awesome Dog Breeds To Consider Welcoming Into Your Home

If you are eager to welcome the patter of tiny paws into your household, you are probably a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of research you need to do before taking the plunge. Dogs range from the highly strung to the laid back horizontal and from the tiny handbag sized to the ultimate behemo

Seven Unusual Things To Do In Alberta

Twenty-twenty has been a washout of a year for travel, but hopefully things will look up in 2021. And while everyone must be having their travel destinations lined up , bucket lists ready to tick off and different cuisines waiting to be tried, here’s a post on seven unusual and fun things to do in A

Top 5 Games that Can Help Improve Your Memory

Games are not only fun, but they also help in training your brain to improve memory, decision-making skills, organization, and productivity. People of all ages can engage in games; it’s the same as a body workout, but for the brain. Many games have been seen to improve cognitive function in children

Plan the Perfect Summer 2021 Beach Getaway

It’s looking hopeful that travel will be a real possibility by the summer of 2021. And that’s why so many people are already starting to plan their big summer getaways. Most of us have not had the opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and sand in 2020, so we’re all placing even greater emphasis on next