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Travel and Fashion: Disneyland Paris Guide for Adults

Disneyland Paris Guide for Adults

Is Disneyland just for the kids? No, of course not. Find out how to have just as much fun, at Disneyland, as an adult, by Rosa Fairfield.

Embrace your inner child

Put on your Mickey Mouse ears and find that childlike sense of fun. It's all about excitement; excitement about the rides and stepping into a magical world with a giant princess castle. I'm always bubbling over with the stuff when I'm sitting on the pavement, waiting for the firework display. Then, when it starts, I watch with pure wonder, like I've never seen a firework display before.

Better with friends

*I revise this to: it's better with the right kind of people. My favourite trip to Disneyland was with my best friend. We were both super excited and hyper the whole time we were there.

Rides, Rides, Rides

You can't go to Disneyland and not go on any rides. I'm not one for big rollercoasters. My favourite is It's a Small World. I also love the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Ratatouille: The Adventure. Basically, don't be embarrassed about going on the rides aimed at small children.

Take lots of photographs and make a video

Yes, take lots of photographs doing silly poses and make fun videos but also don't forget to enjoy the moment. You are here now and that is amazing. It annoys be when people just film the whole of the parade or fireworks, I think that way you actually miss out on the experience.


Sometimes, it's just nice to have a walk around; to marvel at all the different buildings and rides. Sit and eat an ice-cream in Main Street or pop in and out of all the different shops, deciding what souvenir to purchase.


One of the main joys of being an adult, without children, is that you don't have to go in the school holidays. This means you miss the really busy crowds and long line queues and you can get into the park for a much cheaper price.