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Lifestyle: e-cards and invitations with Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an online site that you can use to design and send invitations, cards and flyers. I have to say that I'm still a fan of the good old pen, paper real life she-bang. Having said that though, this is an extremely useful service. Especially if you have friends abroad or that live on the other side of the country it can be tricky... cards can get lost in the mail it can become very expensive etc. This service offers a great alternative. 

Words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield

The main thing that impressed me was how realistic these looked. It actually looks like you're receiving a paper card or invite in an envelope. The envelope even opens automatically for you so it simulates the actual experience of opening a card.

You can also upload your own designs. The coffee card is one of my digital drawings. The service is great, if like me, you enjoy practicing art and want to add the personal touch. I also know a lot of people, mainly my parents, who enjoy sending photo cards. This makes that possible too. The standard stock designs are really nice too though, they're fun and creative.

To be honest, I completely messed up the first one I did. I ended up addressing it to myself and realised I hadn't changed the name on the actual card from Janie to my name to say who it was from. Let's gloss over that though. That one was defiantly my fault, as the designer tool is really easy to use. It was late of the night and I was clearly tried (I'm going for that as my excuse). It did provide me with hours of laughter though.

You can purchase coins on the website, which gives you access to cards and premium options. They have different pricing options, 25 coins cost £8. To send a card, I averaged about 5 coins each... so about £1.60, that's around about the average price you'd pay for a card in the shop. It lists the starting coin total when you click on the design you like.

Overall, I'm personally really impressed with this service, it was so much fun to pick out and customise designs. I think that's the real advantage over buying a shop brought card, often you just get what you get and can't add that extra personal touch.


I'd also like to add that I've used e-cards before and haven't been very taken on them. They always felt a little lazy to me, as the ones I've seen before look more like generic meme animations than actual cards. Paperless Post bridges that gap by having them look like... well, actual cards, as well as the payment element and taking time to customise them. It makes you feel like you're investing something into the people you're inviting or sending a card to. The investment is always the important part, whether you're investing your time by making something for that person or investing your money.

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