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Entertainment: London film premiere for Perspectives of the mind

My first feature film, Perspectives of the mind, premiered in London at Curzon Cinemas on April 13th. I'm figuratively dancing around right now because I'm so excited. Nothing bad happened, the film didn't suddenly explode, like I thought it would. In fact, I even had a few comments on how good it looked on the big screen. Here's a low down on everything that happened, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith 

Behind the scenes
So, this was a bit of a long process, I spent most of the week before hand travelling back and forth to the cinema, each time with a new DCP (Digital Cinema Package... the thing that you need to create for your film to play on a cinema screen). The thing is, the sound is very different on your laptop compared to how it sounds in stereo or surround sound in a screening room. It was a tedious task but I wanted the film to look as good as possible. Alongside doing all this, I was also ordering flyers, selling tickets, promoting, getting the backdrop ready... making up goodie bags. Organising an event on your own is a lot of multitasking. I even made my own outfit.

About the film 
Anyway, enough about me running around like a headless chicken because of my neurotic perfectionist tendencies. So, what's this film about? Well, it's made-up of six separate stories and they're all linked, as each section is tied to a different state. They include: loneliness, obsession, heartbreak, hallucinating, tiredness and exaggeration. Within these sections, there are different storylines.

Honestly, when I first started making this I wasn't planning on making a feature film from them, they were just meant to be stand alone shorts. It was after I was making these that I saw they did have a connection between them. I was doing a lot of research on philosophy and psychology at the time so I think part of that subconsciously came into play when I was making them.

Why did I create it?
I really don't want to sound like a pretentious jerk but I realise that anything I say about this is going to make me sound a bit pretentious. I think it's interesting to look at why people do certain things and act in certain ways, to just appariate it and understand it without trying to change it. If that makes sense? More than anything though, it was an exercise, I love watching films... and when I love something, I want to be part of it and try it myself.

You know what, I am proud of what I created - not because I think it's a masterpiece - but because I had an idea and went out there and actually followed through with it and now I have 47-48 minutes worth of film footage. I think far too many people never end up doing things because they think they can't or because something they do won't be good enough. You just have to take the leap though and work through it in small steps. I often find things turn out easier than I think they will be.

So, yep, the film will be able to rent, buy and stream on Amazon at some point in the near future. In the mean time you can visit the film's IMDB page and website.

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