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Style File: Red Skater Dress Fashion Review and Styling Tips

Looking for something casual but feminine, well, your search could finally be over, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

There's no fancy intro with this one, we're straight to the point:

The dress
I really like this dress. It's something that I'd wear on a day-to-day basis: comfortable with a nice fit but also flexible. The length is good for my petite frame. When I'm not blogging, I'm acting or taking improv classes so I prefer to wear things that have a more causal feel. The material also felt so soft against my skin, which is always a bonus.

Quality and value for money
I thought this was actually really good quality. There tends to be better quality with thicker materials like this anyway because it's less delicate. The stitching on it was good and I like the tucks on the top, which give it some extra shape.

Styling Tips

Waist shirt
With a causal dress like this, my go-to thing is to tie a shirt around my waist. It gives it some extra shape, without the restriction you would get when wearing a belt. It's also practical, if you get chilly you can just slip the shirt on. This styling also breaks up the solid colour of the dress, making it a bit more interesting. It's not just shirts either... you could use a jumper... a cardigan... a fluffy garment made out of alien tears (sorry, I'm not sure if that's a thing, I just wanted to check to see if you're still paying attention).

Just a shirt
You know... around the waist isn't the only way you can wear a shirt. You could actually try wearing it the normal way too. I've always been a fan a wearing a shirt over a dress to make it look like a skirt. You can tie the excess in a bow at your waist for a cute 1950s effect. Alternatively, you could wear the shirt open, giving it a more casually layered vibe.

I also love wearing sunglasses with more casual looks to try (and usually fail) at pulling off Cali-girl-chill. You know when you see those girls, who have long tousled hair and a super causal outfit... and sneakers and the best legs and they just look so effortlessly cool. Yep, I'd love to move to California and try and rock that look, I'd also love warmer temperatures too. I feel like this post took a weird turn... not that that's unexpected because this is me we're talking about here.

Slightly random, but I think this would also be a cute dress to wear sneakers with. It's a great idea if you want a super causal look, whist still looking feminine. I spent most of my time at acting school, when I wasn't forced to wear blacks, wearing dresses like with with my Batman Converse. I really need to find them, they're cool and I don't know where they've gone. Sorry, I'm getting off topic again... we're meant to be talking about the dress Rosa, honestly, what am I like?

On that note, the dress is linked bellow if you'd like one for yourself. Thanks for reading :)